Chapter 3, Cat Like Theif

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Chapter 3, Cat Like Theif

Ciaras POV

I woke up to my own accord. I was a lovely September morning, and i'd had the best nights sleep i've had in a while. I checked my phone, it was only 9:30am, but still, that's a lay in since i usualy wake up at about 6:30am. I had no texts. Not from anyone. Well the only person i'd expect to text me would be Louis, and he's obviously still asleep. I pulled the covers off me and stepped into my chilly room and ran for my dressing gown. Something needed to be done about the heater in my room, i swear it doesn't work. I pulled on my slippers and went downstairs. Aimiee's parents had already left for work. They pretty much work every day of the week, i hardly ever get to see them, and i'm not quite sure what they do but what i am sure of is they have A LOT of money. I held onto the white bannister and i made my way down the grand staircase and into the kitchen. There was A new chef in today. 

"Hello lovely! You must be Aimee-"

"I'm Ciara" i said cutting her off.

"Oh, of course! Well i'm Donna. Peter is away because his wife is currently nearing her due date and he wants to be with her, so i'm the new temporary chef!"

"Nice to meet you Donna" i said politely

"Can i get you anything?" she smiled

"Erm, pancakes please.. And a tea, two sugars" i said. She nodded and i left the kitchen to go into the lounge. Not long after i had put the TV on till Aimee joined me in the lounge.

"Morning" she said through a yawn

"Morning lazy bones" i smiled

"Have you met Donna yet? She's a little bit weird" she said, returning the smile and filling the empty seat on the sofa next to me with herself.

"Yeah, she called me Aimiee and first!"

"Haha, we look nothing alike though?!" she said giggling slightly.

Just then Donna came in with a tray of tea and pancakes. After i'd eaten and drank i went upstairs into my room and entered the shower. The warmness engulfed me and relaxed me. I used my favorite vanilla shower gel and shampoo and conditioner. I got out the shower, wrapped myself and my hair in a towel, brushed my teeth and entered my bedroom. I checked my phone. It was now 10:45, still no text from Louis, how lazy is that boy? I sat down on my bed and stared at my mobile phone background and a huge smile spread across my face. I had set my picture the one of the ones of me and Louis that we week the time he came over. He was beautiful and perfect. I lay on my bed just thinking about the night before hand and how perfect it had been. If i died now i'd die happy. I got up, got dressed into a pair of opaque tights, a high-waisted dark navy blue pencil scirt, white vest top and pinkish blazer, slung on my black dollyshoes, put my purse and my phone in my bag and went into Aimee's room. She was already dressed and sat on her laptop chatting away to Niall, infact, she was so busy chatting away to Niall she didn't even notice my presence in her room. I cleared my throat loudly so she would turn around.

"OH hello again, where you off to?" she said noticing the fact i had a pair of shoes on

"Oh, i'm just going to town to find something to wear tonight.. Since i wasn't very sucessfull last time we tried" i laughed "You want to join?"

"Oh Ciara you know i would but i've already made plans to go see a movie with Niall! Plus i already bought my outfit, remember?" she said pointing out to the strapless grey 'above the knee' dress which was hanging up on a hook on the door.

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