Chapter 4- And If We Refuse?

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Dedicated to Nahid Ahmed- AruthorTheKing

Hello guys, I'm back!!! I'm planning to publish consistently, I've already published 3 chapters in 3 days, and I'm planning to continue to for as long as I can. In this chapter, it's gonna be a heck of a lot of heated moments.



Annabeth POV

What? Why would Zeus order Ares to conquer Camp Half-Blood? We god damn help gods. That just didn't add up, unless....they must be scared of something....someone. Yes, that must be why. But too much things is happening all at once. I can't think straight. It's too much to process. Seaweed brain might've made that explosion.... they captured him because they were scared of Percy's terrifyingly strong powers.

Why is all this happening? We've just defeated Gaea. Leo died, Percy is captured, Mt. Olympus explodes, and now this. I wish Percy was here, he already beat Ares once. He would've been able to take him on again.

"The gods didn't trust Percy did they?" I said with a low voice. I said it in a fit of rage. Everyone looked at me in wonder. Not many were daring enough to talk before the war god. But I didn't care. He was one of the 12 that captured Percy. He was going to pay.

"Excuse me? Did you say anything honey? Speak louder when you talk to a god as highly as myself." Ares said casually, but there was a ting of anger that sent a shiver down my spine. He was not going to have me cower. Not after what they did to Percy. How dare he?

"Shut up." I said. This caused many gasps from the groups of campers watching. I wasn't going to back down. "Don't say another word. You aren't going to have what you want without a fight."

His eyes were actual flames behind his shades. He had a thin red aura surrounding him and his hair was standing up on end. I noticed Chiron's eyes grow wide. He knew where this was going, we all did. This was going to end up with a fight.

So before Ares could reply, Chiron spoke up. "We will oblige to anything you want. All we want is peace. I will not have any fight take place in my camp."

I was mad at him, why would he make such a decision? This angered me. I probably wouldn't have won the battle, but I just wanted to fight him, for Percy. I knew he wasn't the main reason that made the decision to capture Percy, but I need someone to blame, anybody.

"Very well, Chiron." Ares said a little hard. I could see his red aura begin to vanish. "Now, give me all your weapons. We'll see what happens after that." His nasty grin returned to his face.

I don't know what came over me. I think it was being around the war god that gave me anger, but I couldn't be too sure. Why was he giving us orders?

"And if we refuse?" I said loud enough that everybody could hear. I wanted them to actually fight back. I wanted to give them hope.

"Then you won't be getting the chance to refuse anything anymore." He said with the grin still on his face, but it was a little forced. I could tell he was also a little angry.

Chiron tried to stop me but I still went and started my way towards him. I was mad, I was angry. He wasn't going to order anybody around anymore. I was walking slowly but with a steady pace. All the campers looked on. They didn't know what I was planning, and neither did I. When I was right in front of him, I stopped. I looked straight at him and didn't avert my eyes from his own eyes of fire. And without a second thought, I slapped him straight across his cheeks. His face was one of complete shock and disbelief. Everyone began gasping and talking among themselves. They didn't know what was happening. Ares, just recovering from his shock, was fumed with anger. In one quick motion, he drew his sword. He was ready to strike, so I instantly drew my dagger and parried his strike. But the force was so strong, it threw me off my fight. How did Percy defeat him? He's Ares, the war god, an Olympian! I would never be able to defeat him. Right when he was bringing his sword down on me, I gave in. In despair, I didn't fight back. This was it. At least I tried. But the Fates had other plans. When he was about to actually dig his blade into me, an arrow zipped so fast no one saw it. It landed on Ares's hand, the one that was wielding his sword. His sword fell out of his grip.

"Ahh!" He wailed. The arrow's head stuck out his palm, and the back of the arrow was on the other side of his hand. He looked up slowly, in anger. He took out the arrow without screaming or showing any signs of pain. "Chiron, you're going to pay."

Chiron, I should've knew. He would never let me die. He was like a dad to me. He had his bow and arrow in his hands. He had a stern face, and I could see that he was trying hard not to show fear. I knew he was able to do win. He could do it. He was strong enough.

"Ares, I'm sorry. I would rather protect my home then hand it over. Even if Zeus had ordered it." Chiron said with pride. His head was held high and his hand tightened on his weapon, showing he was ready to fight.

These few words sparked hope into the demigods. All of them drew their weapons and pointed them at Ares. Even his own children.

"EVERYONE, CHARGE!!!!" Chiron yelled his battle cry. I recovered quickly. I grabbed my dagger and backed away from Ares as fast as I could to get some distance.

All the campers began to raid the war god while he just stood there. With a snap of his fingers, fire surrounded me and Ares, keeping Chiron and the campers out.

No, this can't be happening, I thought.

"So is this what you want Chiron? Now I could just kill her, and you cant do anything about it." Ares spoke very loudly so that all the campers could hear. The campers wore worried looks on their faces. I was all out of ideas.

Think Annabeth, think. Nothing came to me at the moment. He slowly strode his way towards me, sword in hand. In a desperate attempt to survive, I held out my dagger in self defense.

"Stay back, I'm warning you Ares. Don't you dare touch her." Chiron spoke. He was aiming to sound demanding, but it came out like he was pleading, which he was.

"Or what Chiron? You can't do much. Let me remind you, you started this, not me. It wouldn't have come to this if you hadn't made that foolish decision." While he was talking, I made my move, I charged. But he saw it coming. He stuck his sword out and cut my wrist, causing me to drop my dagger. He then slashed and hacked at me, I could only put my arms out, trying to protect myself as much as I can. Soon enough, I felt lightheaded from the loss of blood, and I dropped my guard, plopping to the ground. I looked down at my body. I was soaked with blood, my arms were cut and badly scarred. I had just enough energy to see what was happening around me. Everyone was screaming my name. Chiron was telling me to get up, but as much as I tried, I could barely move. Ares, being the cocky man he is, just stood their, with his sword pointing at me. But once again, the Fates had other ideas. And this was by far my favorite.

It was surprising, and kind of made no sense at all. The whole river suddenly rose, about 100 feet in the air, and was ready to splash down onto Ares. And for a second, I thought I saw a figure at the top. But I must've been hallucinating from the blood loss. What's going on?

Ares turned around quickly to see what everybody was looking at.

"What the-" Ares said. He wasn't able to finish. I used the remaining amount of my energy to try to crawl away. The effort had me almost black out. I went all the way to the edge of the fire, as far away from Ares as possible. And in one swift movement, the water dropped straight on him, as if it was aimed for him. The impact was so great, it knocked everybody off their feet, including Chiron. If it was so hard on us, we can't even imagine how strong the force was on Ares. There was small puddles everywhere, everything was wet. The whole place was flooded with water. Then the water went back to the river, as if it never happened. What's happening?

After my vision cleared, I saw a tall figure hovering above Ares's still body. He had long black hair, and tanned skin. He moved his head so that he was looking at me, and my heart skipped a beat. He had striking sea green eyes. Perseus Jackson has returned.

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