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TRFS - S1 - TPRP - Elizabella - C3

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Paternity Tests Done

The next day, my feet, possitively throbbed with a vengance. As I sat in my own humble living-room, the children were already at school, except for Tyler, he was in his walker, playing with his toys and had Casey running after him all the time, the little rat-bag. There was a knock at the door, Casey answered it with Tyler on her hip and ushered my massues and Mahamed into my living room. Garreth, my massues, walked over to me and starting asking where I was sore, my feet. Mahamed walked to my in the wall, DVD shelves, all of which were tighly packed with anime DVDs. "Bella," He said to me.

I thought that I would give him some of his own medicine, "That's Princess Elizabella to you. The only time we were ever really on a first name basis was the night we pretended to by ordinary people and ended up creating two new lives. So I think that we should stay the way you so irritably proclaimed."

"Why are you like this to me? I never knew because you never told me!"

"I never told you?! I tried to tell you, on more than one occasion, but you always had to work! You chose your job over anything I said, but as soon as you found out who I really was, you changed, you wanted to know what I had to say, but by then it was too bloody late, I already chose to keep my children, illegitimate or not. And you know what else?"

He just shrugged. "I could honestly understand if your parents pushed to get the paternity test done, but to have you say that, was very insolting to myself as a human being! You were my one and only lover, and for you to say that was just ... demeaning. Now you are reaping what you have sown. I will marry you, but only for my children, don't you ever think it was for you."

I sat fuming, Casey, wisely chose to stay away, but poor Garreth was stuck in the room between two fuming members of Royalty. Garreth sat silently, massaging my swollen feet. While Mahamed turned to my DVD collection, as a distarction.

"Casey, Sweety." I shouted out, she came into the room red-faced, "Can you please put on a DVD for me? One of my new ones, but one to distract me please?"

Mahamed watched as Casey chose a set for me to watch, she always knew what kinda DVD I watched when I was in certain moods. "And can you escort Price Mahamed out please, I wish him out of my sight."

Mahamed looked shocked, but I guess he knew the female temprament pretty well to just walk out the room without a word from him. I watched the DVD that Casey put on for me, and I calmed down a bit. Tyler crawled into the room at that time and came straight to me, "Hey Cup Cake, sorry for being mad, come on, you wanna watch a DVD with me?" He just grinned at me, dribbling everwhere on me. I didn't mind at all, because he calmed me right down.

"Sorry about that Garreth, he just rubbed me the wrong way." I said to Garreth.

"If I may speak your majesty?" Garreth asked.

"Yes, of course Garreth."

"Your suitor, he is arrogant, don't get me wrong, but what is it against wanting to know if you are the father of your ex's baby or babies? My ex was a complete hussy, she slept around behind my back, got herself pregnant and say I was the baby's daddy. I had a paternity test done, the baby was mine, but a man can't be too careful with a woman wanting to land him with a baby that might not be his. Besides, he does know when to keep his mouth shut, and that is a bonus if ever I saw one."

Garreth is as straight as a guy could be, but he usually did spot all the good and bad traits of people when the timing calls for it. "True, but as I said to him, I only ever had one lover, and that is not including my mechanical, battery operated boyfriend. Guys are just to big a hassle, I tried dating, after I got with him that one night, but the guys I dated were pretty boys and ended up cheating on me because I wouldn't sleep with 'em, but they always seemed to be after either my money or my title or both. You know?"

"I know what you mean, my ex-girlfriend, the one with my daughter, let slip to the papers that I was you personal massues. They have been hounding me ever since then, trying to pay me to have me tell them gossipy shit about you. The self-centred bitch was just bad with my daughter, so I won full custody of my baby girl and we now live here, your grandmother made sure that we had some place to stay."

"What's her name and how old is she?"


"Your daughter."

"Her name is Scarlet Vivian Johnstone-Ruebens, and she is almost 14 months old."

"Tyler here is almost 18 months old and he is lazy! He still crawls around everywhere, because he doesn't want to learn how to walk."

He chuckled, "My daughter is running around everywhere, and she is into everything that is unlocked, or out in the open. That is including my backpack, and my massage kit. The cheeky little chick wants knows how to unzip zippers."

"Well, bring her by, maybe it would get lazy bones here to start walking. And you could start dating again, you can tell her that you are the personal massues to the first in line to be queen in this country, but after a few dates, that don't end up in the sack. Just keep in mind that some of them might be looking for the limelight, so don't tell them to much, and try and find a good wholesome girl."

"Why wholesome?"

"Because they will remain loyal to you as a lover and they will most likely have sides to them that are hot and sexy! A complete 'Closet Sex Kitten'. They are the ones that will be good for you and bubs."

He pondered what I said, then it was as if a lightbulb went off in his head. I think he knew who he was going to date next. "Bring your daughter by later today, after I had the samples taken. I would love to meet your little lady."

He smiled and nodded. I smiled slightly, dozing, only to be awoken by Casey, she had the physicians with her. "Could all of you do the paternity test? I just wanna be extra certain." I said dazedly, still half asleep. But as soon as they pulled out the needles, I was awake. When they were finished, I waited for Casey to see them out, before I said something. "I don't want anyone other then my friends, family or Garreth to come in."

"What of Prince Mahamed, milady?"

"I don't want to see him, but only when the test results are in."

"Yes milady."

"How many times do I have to tell you, call me Bella when we are in here."

She just smiled. She walked out and came back with my lovely lunch. She always knew what I wanted.

I ate what was set in front of me, then went to take a shower to wash the feel of betrayal off of me. The next thing I know, I was dressed and walking to my car.

I went to work, for something to do, but they didn't need me their, so I walked all over the city, shopping, that kind of thing, but the time seemed to crawl by. I didn't see the camera's or hear the journalists questions.

I ended up going home, to watch DVDs all day.