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[June 11, 2016
6:02 am]

"Now Mr. Lockwood. I know you I didn't wake me up at 6 am just to stare at me so let's get to the real reason we're here." Judge Mathis said as he finished off his coffee.

Jeremy Lockwood chuckled slightly as he took his seat. He arranged for Judge Mathis and him to meet up early in the morning to discuss his appeal. An appeal he had to tried immediately after the Zheng's case but somewhere it never made it to Judge Mathis.

Now, Jeremy decided he needed to do this man to man and try to worm his way into Mathis mind.

"I am filing three appeals."

"What grounds are these appeals?"

"First is the denial to see my client. Second, information that I am receiving that my client is suffering from both physical and mental abuse. Third is that Hunter Lombardi-Fiu is the spouse of Mr. Lombardi-Fiu, and he has been denied every visitation along with phone calls."

"He has. Well, I think-"

"That my invitation got lost in the mail? Shame, I'm so glad I decided to drop by or I would have missed our little party." Mr. Law voiced as he stood in the open doorway of the Judge Mathis's private chambers.

Jeremy grounded his teeth, he wanted to make this quick and sweet but that wasn't going to happen with Marcus around.

Marcus Law had a power of messing everything up just by appearing.

"Marcus, forgive me I thought you weren't invited." Jeremy snapped as he stood up. He couldn't relax with Marcus near, he needed be on eight steps of head the man at all time.

"Ouch Jere however I'm always invited when it concerns one of my cases."

Jeremy stared at Marcus before sighing, this wasn't gonna be easy. Sliding on his stoic face, Jeremy moved towards Judge Mathis placing his folder of appeal onto the table.

"As I was saying, I'm filing this appeal for the refusal of being allowed to see my client and the types of abuse my client has suffered with the care of Warren T.D. Jakes."

"Abuse that he has no actual proof of making them false allegations." Mr. Law interrupted rudely.

"What about the refusal to be able to visit his client? Along with his spouse being denied visits and phone calls." Judge Mathis asked.

"The prison has been on mandatory lockdown. In which every prisoner is confined to a cell for 24 hours a day. There is no outside recreation, church, library, school, or work for most individuals.

The only people that work during a lockdown are what are called critical workers. These jobs are considered essential to running the prison. That is the only reason why Mr. Lockwood and Mr. Lombardi-Fiu spouse have been denied access."

Jeremy grounded his teeth, he knew that the prison was on mandatory lockdown. He had eyes on the inside, and outside of the prison but none have contacted him because of the lockdown. He could find a way to see Zheng without the appeal but he couldn't risk it. He needed to go about this the legal way so he needed this paper trail.

"Fine then that leaves us with another issue. I believe my client, Mr. Lombardi-Fiu is currently being abused by the men suppose to guard and motion him. I have prove of bruises and makes that my client has received."

"Your honor, Mr. Lockwood's client is in fact a criminal who is in prison. Prison isn't an playground for two year olds, it's a place for criminals. Criminals who have all earned their right to be there. Of course Mr. Lombardi-Fiu is going to receive some time of bruises. He is a well known criminal who is probably now surrounded by more of his enemies than ever before."

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