15. Violet Lee

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*Violet Lee POV*

School had just now ended for the break and I was more than excited knowing that I'd spend my New Years at the house of all of my best friends. All of my closest friends such as Percy Jackson, Annabeth Chase, Piper Mclean, Jason Grace, Hazel Levesque, Frank Zhang, Leo Valdez, Calypso Flora, Nico Di Angelo and Will solace lived in a huge house together. All of their parents were close friends so they bought them an amazing house for them.

I dont know how their parents let them live together knowing that each of them lived with their significant other.

My mother would smack me if she knew I was living with my partner at my age.

Anyhow since winter break has started me and the girls are going to go shopping for tomorrow. Piper said one of her half siblings owned a shop at the mall with tons of beautiful dresses so we are gonna head over there.

(Time Skip to New Years eve)

Today was the day of the party. My mom didn't want to let me go considering I wouldn't be with the family but she said I needed times with my friends instead of on my computer all day watching videos.

The party started at around 8:30 and it was only 6 so I decided to just sit and wait till 7 to get ready.

After an hour of watching TV I started getting ready.

I put on my sparkly blue dress and some plain black heals. It took me a while to get ready but I finished a little bit before the party began. Perfect.

They lived a bit far. No one really ever went near their house but it was fine. My mom drove me over and droped me off by the door.

"Take care! Dont do anything bad. I'll pick you up around 1 so make sure to text or call if you need me ttal (daughter)!"

"Okay mom!"

She can be really annoying at times but its all right.

The door was already opened considering it was past 8:30pm already.

I was really excited. Percy had invited a few of the nice people at the school so around 8 people. Only around 4 said they'd come though. He was cool with it considering it was a holiday and tons of other partys were gonna be held.

As I walked in I had already spotted Hazel. She might have been the youngest in the group only a freshman but she was a very close friend of mine.

"Hey Hazel!"

"Oh Hey Violet!"

I walked over to her and smiled. She looked wonderful. Im sure all of the girls do.

"Hey!" Piper and Annabeth greated.

"Oh hey Pipes. Hey Annabeth"

All the boys and girls walked over and there were only around 14 people her so it was a good small party.

I greated every one of them and we all started eating some snacks and chating for a bit.

"Hey Lee" A boy smiled at me.

"Hi Mark" I smiled but secretly died. This was the only boy that made me happy in real life that wasn't related to me or a friend.

Mark the boy a year older than me but still just a Junior. The 5'9 blonde haired brown eyed boy. The most beautiful smile ever.

Mark wasn't just a crush, I was sure that I loved him and that he had at least some feelings for me.

"Um its a nice day right?" Wow this is akward.

"Um yeah" I casually said. I hope it was casual I mean oh no what if I sound too casual and he thinks I hate him? Panic washed over me but I calmed down when his hand grabbed mine.

"Hey is this alright? I um I um" The boy studdered. Cute.

"Yeah um it's fine cause um." I studdered back. Oh no.

He just smiled at me. We stood her for what seemed like only a minute but the guests all started counting down.

"...three...two...one Happy New Years!" Everyone cheered together. All the couples giving each other a kiss for the new years. I started eating my grapes when I felt a grip on my waist pull me at someone. I looked up to see Mark. It all happened so fast when his lips met mine.

Shocked and panic went over me realizing that he was kissing me.

I snapped out of it and kissed back. Fire works were heard. Litterly though its New Years!

It was like in those dramas. He pulled back panting a bit but so was I.

A huge smile on both of our faces.

"Wow It took forever for you two to finally get together" Calypso said.

Leo took a 20 dollar bill out of his wallet and handed it to Jason.

"Wait did you bet on us?" Mark questioned.

"Um no" Jason said.

"Yeah we all did but Jason and Leo were the ones who bet money." Frank honestly replied.

"Oh" Mark and I replied.

I can't belive they bet on us. However this night has been amazing. I found out he actually liked me and he kissed me.

Happy New Years guys! Hope your 2017 is better than 2016!

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