Chapter Four

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Disclaimer: None of this is mine, nor will it ever be (sigh). I like to play with the characters that Stephenie Meyers created and make them do pervy things or become angels with a bad attitude.

Chapter Four


"Bella, I've got good news," said my coworker and teammate, Angela. "They found a sub for me. And from what I've heard, the sub is someone you know."

"Really?" I asked, putting down my water and arching a brow at her. "The only people I hang out with is you and the girls from school. Oh, and Rose, but that's not by choice. It's because she's my boss/landlord."

"Well, he put down your name as a reference, but his resume was so good that Mrs. Cope hired him after we met," Angela said.

"He?" I whispered and my heart stammered. Memories of my ex-boyfriend filled my mind, his cruel behavior, the way he took without permission and his uncaring reaction when I confronted him about stealing from me. "What did he look like?"

"Tall, handsome, a jaw that could cut glass, piercing green eyes," Angela said, her voice turning swoony. "If I wasn't engaged to Ben, I'd turn on the flirt to this hottie. Oh, and he had this cool, but unrecognizable accent. The kids are going to love him." Angela sat on one of the tables in my room, crossing her legs. "And to be honest, I don't know if I'm going to be back, Bella. This guy, Edward, had stellar credentials and would fit in with the staff."

"Edward," I drawled out. "When is he coming in?"

"He'll be shadowing me the rest of the week and take over next week. I'll be flying out on Sunday," Angela said. "I gave him your cell phone number, but he said that he already had it. Are you holding out on me, Swan?"

"No. He was there for me when I was attacked last weekend," I mumbled. "He's a good guy." I took out my phone, sending a text to Edward, but erasing it when I saw him get completely flustered when I gave him my cell phone number. I made the decision to call him once I got home from my shift at the bookstore. "I'm glad that you're all settled with the sub. I'll help out Edward whenever I can."

"Thank you, Bella," Angela said, hugging me. I stiffly returned it, smiling tightly. "I have enough stress going on with my mom being sick. Now, having someone who is capable of taking care of my class, that puts my mind at ease."

"Let me know how she's doing, Angela," I said. "If there's anything you need, please don't hesitate to call me."

"I will, Bella," Angela smiled sadly. "Oh, make sure you lock your door and any valuables. There's a new custodian and he's got sticky fingers."

"Thanks for the tip," I sighed. Angela left me in my room and I turned to finish grading some spelling tests. I put the grades into the computer before getting into my car, driving home. I changed into my uniform and clocked in. Rose was being nicer to me, but she was still pissed that I'd missed my shift the day after I was attacked. I worked until closing, heading up to my apartment around ten. After I showered, I pulled out my cell phone and dialed Edward, on his cell phone.

"Confounded contraption. How do I pick up?" he grumbled.

"Edward, you already did," I giggled.

I heard a rustle. "I did? How?" he asked.

"When you flipped open the phone," I said. "Where did you find this dinosaur?"

"My sister," he sighed. "The pain in the ass she is. You had my home number. Why didn't you call me on that?"

"Because I didn't know you were home," I chuckled. "Would you like me to call you back on your landline?"

"No ... I'll survive," he said, a pout evident in his voice. "So, what's up?"

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