maria pov

4 months have past today was my wedding i would be maria Dakota bagans today . i am 4 months pregnant with a big baby bump. rose and Sara was helping me with my hair. i have been waiting for this day i love Zak so must. i was wearing a stipless white dress with a black ribbion on it. rose was curlying my hair and Sara was doing my makeup. rose and Sara are my bridesmaid's.

" maria you look beautiful " said rose as she was crying happy tears. they were both sisters to me. i think as the paranormal investigators crew as my family.

" are you ready maria " said nick  taking my hand he was going to take me down the isle way seen my dad died when i was young and i want my brother to take me down the isle .

Zak pov

i was waiting for maria to came down the isle. i haven't wore a shit in so long i have never loved wearing a tux jacket  , maria always loved me in a tux jacket i heard the music to start the wedding and i saw my future wife. she looked she beautiful in a stipless dress well she dids look beautiful in everything she wears.

" thank you big brother " hugging him than i take her hand i huging her so close before turning to the pastor, after a few mins the pastor looked at maria happily for her vows

" Zak when first layed my eyes on you was when my older brother indroution me to you and Aaron. that when i madly in love with you. when you first said i love you to me it made me the happiest girl ever. now we are getting married and having a baby i would love to spent ever sec with you i love you and i will always love you  " i smiled and i take her hand

" maria you are the only girl in my life i love how we spent everyday with eachother , i love the memories we made and now we will more better ones when we are married and you having my baby. you have made me the happiest men in the world. i having always wanted to have kids with you and you only now i will. maria i love you so must " kissing her hand

" do you zak bagans take maria groff to be your wedded wife though sickness and in health. through bad and good times " the pastor said as he smiles

" i do " i answers as i smile at maria

" do you maria groff take Zak bagans to be your webbed husband , through sickness and heath? through the bad and good times " the pastors asks

" i do " she answers in a sweetly loving voice and smiles at me

" you may kiss the bride " he nods at me i smile pulling maria into my arms and i kiss her, she wraps her arms around me holding me tight while everyone stands and cheers

nick, rose, Sara, Aaron walk up to us

" nick where mom and step dad " said maria

" there at the reseption they left when you and Zak were makeing out for 5 mins " said nick joking, leading his sister to the door

to be contuied

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