The L/N Sisters

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Triggers: MERRY CHRISTMAS MOFOS, sibling bonding, parents over, adorableness overload, Lafayette getting a French flag sweater, gifts galore, Star Wars marathon and semi-spoilers, murder, cannibalism mention, foreshadowing, NSFW (thoughts)
(Y/n POV)
Me: Hey Jodie, I have some guests staying with us besides you  mom and dad. I was wondering if you can get them Christmas gifts
Jodie: oooo what are they like? 🤓
Me: they're all boys. Thomas, Alexander, Hercules, John, Aaron and Lafayette. And of course F/n but you know how easy they are...
Jodie: yeah, they like band t-shirts. Same stuff I like... Anyway, what does Thomas like?
Me: He's pompous... Id get him a pair of ugly velvet pants. He's into velvet. Also get him just a giant can of hairspray, he won't stop using mine.
Jodie: okay... Alexander?
Me: The biggest and longest blank notebook you can buy with about three packs of pencils pre sharpened... He likes to write.
Jodie: Hercules?
Me: Beanies and a beer mug
Jodie: John?
Me: Turtle stuffed animal and sometching else turtle related.
Jodie: Aaron.
Me: He likes ties but I'd also get him a coffee mug that says "talk less, smile more"
Jodie 😂 okay and Lafayette?
Me: Anything themed French. No Eiffel towers but the flag would do.
Jodie: alright! I'll see you on Saturday! Love you.
Me: love you too.
That was Wednesday. She's at the front door now. I grinned widely as I heard the knock on the door.
I opened the door.
She hugged me tightly.
F/n stuck there head out. "The L/n sisters..."
Alexander stood nearby. He had told me about his wife and her sister. They had a similar relationship like that of Jodie and I. I found that rather interesting. He looked kinda happy.
"Mom, dad." I hugged them happily. "I'd like you all to meet my house guests."
"Hello, Mr and Mrs. L/n. I am Aaron Burr, it is a pleasure to meet you."
And of course after Aaron tries to set the official-train in-
"Yo, I'm John Laurens."
"Sup, I'm Hercules Mulligan."
"My name is Alexander Hamilton."
"Je m'appelé Lafayette."
"Good day, Mr and Mrs, my name is Thomas Jefferson."
I chuckled and smiled. "They'll be temporarily giving up the guest room for the night you are here mom and dad."
"Oh, okay. They all share it?" My mom asked.
"Two kinda find their places on the bed, Two sleep on the floor, one in the chair and the other on the couch out here." I replied.
Jodie had made her way over to the tree, grinning at the decorations. She realized the most vital part was missing. "Y/n you forgot the star on top!"
My eyes widened. "You're right! Let's do that now." I grabbed it off of the counter top where it lied, and handed it off to my rather short sister.
"I can't reach!" She grunted.
Mulligan was quick to come by. "Stand on my shoulders."
Jodie climbed up his back and was just able to reach the top. "Thanks, Hercules!"
He let her down. "Oh, you can just call me Mulligan. Everyone calls me by my last name, anyway."
"Oh goodness, I forgot my bag in the car." My mother said. Washy pawed her foot, but was distracted as Alexander glanced at him with a small smile. He ran to the immigrant and into his lap.
"Uh, let's go get it." Dad replied. "We'll be right back up, Jodie you stay here."
Jodie nodded and smiled up at Thomas. He raised an eyebrow. "So, you're Y/n's little sister?" He bent down to her level, Jodie only being maybe 4'8. She was a short teen.
"Yeah, and you must be Thomas. I know because of the hair." She giggled and poked a coil.
"You...described me by my hair?" Jefferson looked really confused, his eyes on me.
I nodded and laughed softly. "Yup."
The instant Jodie saw Lafayette, she gasped. Still holding onto Jefferson, pulled him so the two were standing closer.
"Hey!" Jefferson gasped, nearly tripping as he was bent at the waist.
"Oh my god you two look alike!" Jodie laughed.
Lafayette and Jefferson exchanged looks.
"Huh, she's right... We do." Jefferson squinted.
"Yeah, for a little bit, if I didn't know who you were, I would have thought you were related." I said.
Jodie came up to me and whispered, "Where'd you meet them and why do they have the same names as the founding fathers?"
I looked at the door. "Jodie, I was fixing the floor about a week and a half ago when I found a black box with a note inside. I went back in time, sis. These are the legitimate founding fathers."
Her eyes lit up. "Cool! Oh my god, how did they get here without altering history?!"
"They're all technically dead... They woke up here in the order they died in. Alexander was shot by Burr, who died of a stroke later, Jefferson had a bad fever, Laf had pneumonia, John was shot too in the war, and Mulligan died of old age." I explained.
She looked at them weird. "They all look young though..."
"They're supposed to be in the afterlife, but my visit back in time interrupted their ability to do so until they die here too."
"Huh..." She chuckled and blinked, "They seem cool, though."
"Yeah, they're all pretty nice. I just have to break up Jefferson and Hamilton's fights every so often." I snorted.
"They fight that often?"
"Over petty things too."
The next morning...
"Burr, this is from my sister." I handed the tired man the wrapped gift.
He looked at it. "Uh, thanks...."
Jodie snorted, "Tear it open, Burr!"
He tore the paper open, gently crumpling it on his hand as he unwrapped a few ties and a box. He opened the box and smiled. He pulled out the mug with "talk less, smile more" painted and plastered on.
He chuckled, "Thank you, Jodie."
My mom and dad were drinking coffee and sitting on the couch with the tv on. They already opened their gifts and were just watching us while also watching the news.
Jodie nodded and handed Mulligan his gift. He instantly put on the beanie inside the box and grinned as he saw the large glass cup labeled "drink and fall over". Perfect for him, I thought.
"Alexander!" She passed it to him. He caught it in his chest and grunted. He tore open the paper and was confused about the pencils and paper.
"I heard you liked to write, so I got you three blank notebooks and pencils."
Alexander lit up, "Thank you, I'll definitely be using these then."
Laurens saw his name on the next one and prepared to catch it. He opened it to find a homemade, very-well sewn turtle plushie and a pin for a shirt that said "I like Turtles." He started laughing and smiled warmly at Jodie. "Who told you they were my favorite animal."
Jodie nudged me in the ribs.
Now Jefferson. He carefully tried to preserve the paper, ultimately failing. He chuckled at the bottle of hairspray. "Thanks..."
"No more using mine, Mr." I sneered jokingly.
He opened up a magenta velvet... blanket?? The fuck??
"Yo that's ugly as fuck." F/n muttered while nearly choking on their own spit.
I looked at Jodie and and she was trying not to laugh. Really hard.
Jefferson had a small, pleased smile on his tired face. "Thank you."
Alexander looked at it and gagged, "Its just like that coat you'd always wear during the meetings..."
"That coat was amazing compared to your ugly green one."
Before the argument could become petty and heated, Jodie gave Lafayette his gift. He tore it open and held up a sweater bearing none other than the French flag on it. His eyes widened and he instantly pulled it on. "Merci, Jodie!"
"You're welcome, Lafayette."
He also got a t-Shirt that said "stupéfiant." He directly translated it to 'astonishing'. It suited him.
I got a few good presents as well. A new phone case, some clothes... Washy also got a bone, which he seemed reluctant to play with.
Bf/n was coming soon, to finally meet my parents. I have to give him credit, he was always very calm. Almost empathetic at times. Lafayette quietly mentioned to Herc that he didn't like him. I accidentally overheard, but it didn't make me think less of them. As long as they didn't hurt him I was fine with them disliking him. I mean after my grandfather passed away five years ago, my grandmother got a new boyfriend. None of us liked him at first but he grew on us too. They've been married for sometime now, living in California.
I flipped through the news.
"What's breaking this hour... It seems the Midtown Cannibal/Sadist strikes again. The victim being eighteen year old Cristy Brown. She was found by her brother in her Broadway apartment last night gagged and bound with rope and missing much of her flesh. Following up on the previous two homicides linked to the killer, police have found notes near the bodies, numbering the murders. "9 more, 8 more, 7 more..."
"Oh, another murder... a Christmas Eve homicide." I nudged my dad.
"Yeah, this guy is a serious looking serial killer." My dad nodded. "Obvious mental issues, too."
"Well not everyone with mental issues are bad people." I said.
"You know what I mean. He doesn't know the difference between right and wrong yet still tries to hide, either that or he literally enjoys inflicting pain and eating people.. sick freak." Dad shook his head.
There was a knock at the door, and I ran over to open it.
"Hi, Bf/n. Merry Christmas." I hugged him. He smelt of...iron? At least his breath did. Probably nothing.
"Hey, babe." He smiled, stepping in and directing his gaze towards my dad. "It's great to meet you, sir. Im bf/n. Y/n's boyfriend."
Dad already seemed fond of his politeness. "It's nice to finally meet you too Bf/n."
He introduced himself to my mom and then greeted the six founding fathers and F/n. He introduced himself to my sister, and she smiled at him and shook his hand, but the instant his back turned she pretended to gag and shook her head.
I could tell she didn't like him either. Or maybe that was her reaction to his breath...? Ha, I don't know. It was dinner time, and we sat at the table.
Bf/n wasn't eating.
"Bf/n...are you not hungry? Or is this your way of telling me you don't like my cooking?" I chuckled.
He looked nervous. "Well, I did just come from work...We had a bit of an office party... Lots of food." He pitter-pattered his fingers on the table, taping his foot. He looked hungry. He had that look in his eyes like he was starving for something.
Did he He only really had that look at me. We had never really had sex or even thought about it. I can't deny his attractiveness. He's (tall height), muscular... His fashion sense is even alluring. His dress shirts and ties. I found myself fantasizing sometimes too. Him on top of me in a magical night.
Laurens dropping his fork accidentally broke me from my trance. I blushed and jumped slightly.
"So... Where are all you young men from?" My father asked. I'm glad my parents didn't really pay attention in their history classes when growing up, and farmed a lot with their parents.
"Oh, I'm from Nevis in the Caribbean..." Alexander replied.
"Ooo, exotic sounding." My mother replied.
"It was's kinda run down now. Hurricanes, you know..." He trailed off.
"Um, what about you Thomas?" Mom asked.
"Virginia, missus." He grinned. Alexander quietly scoffed and rolled his eyes.
"Oh, I should have known, you have such southern charm."
Another scoff from Alex.
"Mama didn't raise a hooligan." Jefferson said with a smirk.
I could have sworn Alex whispered "bullshit" under his breath.
"Hey I'm from the south too, Mr. Jefferson, and mama raised me buckwild." Laurens snorted.
"Well yes, Mr. Laurens, but I tend to notice those of you from South Carolina are very backcountry.." Jefferson glanced at him.
Mulligan was the next target of attention. "Ireland. I'm from Ireland."
"You don't sound very...Irish." My father said.
"Yeah." Mulligan chortled. "I tend to get told that a lot."
"Newark." He responded plainly. "New Jersey, of course."
Then Lafayette.
"France, if you couldn't tell, madam."
Bf/n seemed to be sitting back and watching as we ate. Still that look of hunger each time his eyes found mine. It made me shudder. I know Lafayette took notice. He had a look of confusion and a hint of fear in his dark eyes. A warning? I don't know. All I knew was Bf/n had something planned and it involved me...hopefully naked. WHAT?
You're with your family, Y/n stop thinking about fucking around in bed with Bf/n.
It was always sad when Christmas was over. Bf/n went home. I blew up some air mattresses for the men being kicked out of the guest room. Jodie was going to sleep on a big fluffy body-sized bean bag I got her in my room. A bit of a sleepover. Mom and dad drove back home tomorrow morning. Being old people they went to bed early.
We sat next to Jefferson and began to play some Star Wars movies. It was well into the intro when Alexander finally asked what we were watching.
"Star Wars. Best series ever."
"A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away..."
"Huh..." Mulligan chuckled, resting his hands behind his head.
We ended up watching them in chronological order rather than in release order so it would be easier for everyone else to keep up. We managed to make it half way into A New Hope by the time I heard Lafayette snore. We realized they were all asleep. They feel asleep twenty minutes ago. Jodie and I shared a quiet laugh, turned off the lights and the tv, and went off to bed.
Happy holidays

(Unknown POV)
I was writing in my journal. I liked to describe what I did to my victims. It made me feel like an amazing, award winning murder-drama author.
I found out from a little birdie that Y/n had no chance of being alone in the next few weeks. Her little sister was with her, as well as F/n...and those six founding fathers. I wondered and pondered how they got here... Oh, but that's a question to be answered at another time. Now, I had to plot the murder of Y/n. Still had six more to kill before her. Six more. I guess when the time comes I could just murder everyone in the apartment. Go off the radar and start again in a different city somewhere in Europe. Just like I did in Las Angeles, Huston, Mexico City, Toronto, Brazil, Sydney...I've been everywhere. New York City flesh is my favorite. People here think they can fight back. They're so full of themselves. I love drugging them, ruining their minds and devouring their bodies like an animal. Such a game, such a rush!
Well, Y/n will be the special number ten of New York City. No one will be able to protect her when I get my hands on her.
No one.

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