He found me.

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I stare at the guy who broke my heart but seeing him in present was ripping my fragile heart to shreds. Everything came back, him shouting, kicking me out and accusing me of cheating.

I could hear the beating of my heart in my ears as I gulped, swallowing hardly, trying to force the glue like substance down my dry throat.

He looked so handsome and it reminded me how much I missed his touch and being able to run my hands through his soft locks. He probably had girls at his beck and call clinging on to him.

As I reconciled with those memories I came back to reality and told myself to be professional for Tony.

"As I was saying I'll give you a tour and a meal of your choosing" I tried so hard to act normal, as if he wasn't affecting me.

He knew what he was doing to me but was he affected by me too or was that in the past buried beneath all the love that I had for him.

"Thank you Milliana isn't it?" He said slightly longing out my name.

"Yes sir" I replied formally.

"Well what would you reccomend?" He says almost teasingly and somewhat happily.

"I would recommend the Lobster Ravioli and the Parmesan roll, if you want to have a salad with the meal you can also have that." I say my voice strong.

I knew this was one of his favourite meals, I couldn't think of anything else to give him. He agreed smiling at me, and when that smile reached his eyes I couldn't help but swoon.

'No Milli stop!' I thought to myself.

After ordering his meal I went to the the staffroom. Closing the door I let out a deep breath that I didnt even know I was holding.

Feeling anxious I wanted to call my mother to see how Ariella was doing. I missed her dearly. I had been so busy with work that when my shifts ended I was so exhausted that when I got home I would straightaway go to sleep.

I missed playing with her or watching cartoons with her. I had been taking longer shifts to make sure I could financially support her.

Calling my mum I hear the line ringing and only ten seconds later she picks up.

"Hello Mill is there anything you need dear." She says sweetly.

"Hi mum not really I just wanted to speak to Ari." you could hear the worry in my voice.

"OK I'll go get her" I assumed she walked to the nursery because I heard the toy telephone.

Hearing the babbling my heart races, I missed that sound.

"Ari baby are you being good to Nana" I say my voice high.

Her coos and babbles were all that was heard for the next two minutes I chatted with mum. I didn't tell her about him. I didnt want to worry her.

Hearing my bleeper going off indicating that the meal was ready I built up the courage to face him again. Saying my byes to Ari and Mum I walk out of the staff room.

"You can do this Milli." I say to myself.

Taking the dishes I arrive to the table where my ex sat. Placing the dishes down I walk away back into the staff room.

Well at least I don't have to talk to him, I just have to serve him. I knew that after he finished eating I'd have to show him around.

15 minutes later

I was talking with cara and Shawn when Tony came up to me and told me that Rafael was ready for the tour.

I looked at Tony my eyes begging him to not let me do this. He looked sympathetic but confused as to why I was acting like this.

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