Letter from the Author

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Dear Reader, 

I never set out to write this book. In my mind, One Little Spell was over. My intentions for One Little Spell were always that it would be a stand-alone novel rather than one in a series. I saw Annika's story as over, and I didn't think a sequel made sense. I loved that my readers were had grown so attached to the characters that I often received questions and requests about a sequel, but it just wasn't something I thought I would ever do. Until one night I was lying in bed, about to go to sleep, and for some reason the idea flashed through my mind. 

Sure, maybe Annika's part of the story was finished, but those who read the Halloween special, One Little Halloween Spell know that Annika and Cade moved on after all the craziness of the first book, had a son named Eli, and were living a happy life. Sure, maybe that was as far as I wanted to take Annika's story... but what about Eli? The more I thought about little Eli, the more I realized how hard it would be for him growing up with magical powers, how different his--but somehow similar--his story would be from his mothers. Just think of how much mischief and magic he could get into! 

That's when I realized that the next installment of One Little Spell had to be a different story in the same universe, and I personally wanted to explore Eli's life more. So I decided that his story was the story I was going to tell in Second Time's a Charm.

Never fear, you'll still see many of your favorite characters. But there will be new characters and new perspectives to explore as well, and I can't wait to explore them with you! 

As with One Little Spell, this book is a work in progress, and I'm writing it and experiencing it right alongside you. As such, there are bound to be some mistakes, some grammar errors, some minor plot bugs--you name it. Stuff happens with works in progress. I appreciate any errors you catch, and I don't mind in the slightest if you point them out! Thanks in advance for your understanding. ;)

I hope you enjoy reading this new story as much as I'm enjoying writing it so far. 

Happy reading! 


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