The Stuffed Baby

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The Stuffed Baby

Story #1

A couple with their child were in a shop in Tijuana, Mexico. With their baby only a couple of feet from them, their attention was diverted just long enough for the baby to be stolen. They searched frantically for the baby and/or the kidnappers, but had no luck. Even with the aid of the local police they had to go home empty handed.

While crossing the border back into the U.S., The wife notices her child's car seat in a car next to them waiting to go through the border check. She gets out of the car and starts to make a scene, which does indeed attract the attention of the border police. The police detain the car in question, along with its occupants. The mother is able to identify the baby as her own that was stolen earlier.
However, the people who had her had killed and disemboweled her as a hiding place for smuggling drugs into the U.S.

Story #2

A woman and her 4 year old son are visiting a border town on the Mexican side of the Texas/Mexico border. As they are walking towards the border crossing to return to the U.S., a man runs up to her and takes her child. She immediately runs to the authorities and a search ensues.

The lady and the authorities begin walking among the cars looking for her son. The woman spots her child in a truck a couple of rows over. Her son is laying his head on the shoulders of man and appears to be sleeping.

As the authorities close in on the vehicle, the driver jumps out of line and makes a run for it. As they are driving off, the passenger opens his door and dumps the child out into the street. As the woman and the authorities reach the child they find, to their horror, that the child has not only been murdered but has been cut open and illegal drugs have been put inside his body.

It appears that the persons in the vehicle were drug smugglers and had decided to kidnap a child, kill them and place the drugs in the body. They would then hold the child as they approached the border and the border agents would think that the child was quietly sleeping on the shoulder of the passenger.

Story #3

I have heard this story twice. A friend of the teller of the story went to the southwestern United States to visit family. While there, a neighbor stopped by to tell what happened to a friend of a friend, etc.

The family went to Mexico, just across the border, to shop, and lost track of their toddler who wandered off. The police told them to give them a picture of the child and they would circulate it, because somebody might try to bring that child back into the states in the car seat, and the driver would try to pass it off as his sleeping baby.

Sure enough, they found the baby, dead, with drugs sewn up in its body, strapped into the car seat. Supposedly this is happening all the time now.

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