|| Under the Mistletoe ||

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Annabeth walked along the snowy path, her boots leaving a mild footprint in the snow. Her head was hung low and she was staring at the ground as she walked. Of course, that meant she was thinking, as all children of Athena like to do. 

She then lift her head and saw the strawberry fields in the distance, the sweet aroma of the fruit made its way into senses. She breathed it all in. It has been a very long time since she had smelt that. 

"Four months, in fact." she chuckled to herself. She and her boyfriend, Percy, had just come from the sunny state of California to visit the snowy streets of New York. They go to school in New Rome in the Golden State.  As a matter of fact, they flew to the East Coast.

Annabeth smiled to herself, fondly remembering the flight with Percy on the airplane. He was gripping the seats so tightly and he was sweating buckets. And every five minutes he would ask if they had arrived or not. The answering of "No Percy, we're not there yet." was such a tedious feat, by 195th time, she was ready to knock the male demigod out, boyfriend or not. Thank the gods, he had quieted down. Because had he not, Annabeth would've have an extremely hard time of doing so the necessary task of punching her boyfriend since he is really such a gentle soul. A cinnamon roll, really.

Right now Annabeth was alone. Percy stopped by at his mother's apartment to say hello and sort out things. She liked it, being alone that is. The solitude helped her think, a crucial skill when it came to danger. But there was no danger here. Actually, she was very safe.

Very safe.

Annabeth was at her destination. She smiled at herself. She was at the border of Half Blood Hill. On the other side were rows of cabins with burning lights in there, spreading warmth. 

She crinkled her nose. It seemed very rowdy inside the camp borders. But who knows? 

She snapped her head to the left. She thought she had seen a dark shadow flicker by somewhere. Her hand by instinct reached to her drakon bone dagger, where it always were. She then surveyed the area around one more time. She loosed her grip on her dagger and sighed.

"It must've been the falling snow. Creating a snow-flurry. It must've made me think I saw something."  She thought with reason. "Besides, it's getting cold. I should get into the borders soon."

She tugged her winter coat one notch tighter and ran in the borders, momentum pushing her down the slope, not at all even noticing an anonymous figure making it's way into the borders as well.


Piper pulled her in for a hug. "Annabeth." She said. "It's so good to see you. How long has it been? Five months?"

"Four months." Annabeth corrected, she grinning in their embrace. 

Piper pulled back from the hug. "We missed you so much." She said. 

"I missed you too Pipes."

Hazel then came by and greeted Annabeth with a smile. "Hey Annabeth." she said. 

"Hey Hazel." Annabeth replied back.

"How was the flight?" she wondered.

Annabeth shook her head. "Dreadful, just dreadful. Percy was really being paranoid about everything."

The three girls laughed. "Speaking of which," Piper asked. "Where's Percy? Hazel said that you two came together."

"Oh, he's at his mother's. He'll come in an hour or so."

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