Chapter 14

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Crap, about 30 to 40 Strigoi had breached our area. I faced off with two strigoi. The one on my right looked like she was a former Dhampir and the other was male and looked human. The female went to grab my arm but I swiped my stake across her forearm and kicked her in the stomach hard. She screeched do to the stake but hardly bugged otherwise. She was old to have that much resolve and strength. The male seemed to be a newly turned Strigoi and still learning about his new ability because of his attacks were sloppy. After a minute of sparring with both of them the male launched himself at me but made a fatal mistake of leaving his heart unprotected. I took the window of opportunity and plunged my stake into his heart. I turned to face the female. 

"Well well, little miss Rose stronger than she looks."

"You have no idea."

"Don't worry sweetheart I'm not going to kill, well, not all the way at least."

I never replied after that because then my focus wouldn't be solely on killing her.

When I was younger I thought to kill Strigoi was the coolest thing in the world but all I see is taking a life. Yes, they are undead monsters of the night that need to be stopped but they were once people that had souls. And all their deaths are on my hands. 

We faced off against each other for about 5 minutes both blocking most blows but still making some contact. She managed to scrape her claws against my arm. And I landed a blow to her right ribs as a result.If I didn't stake her soon then my chances of getting out alive would start taking a turn for the worst.

 I eventually found an opening and shoved my stake in her chest. I felt it pass her ribs and enter her heart. I saw what life she had drain from her body. I pulled out the stake letting her corpse fall to the ground. I turned and went to fend off more strigoi.

That's how the rest of the fight went. Me running to help other guardians and killing Strigoi all while trying to keep the one I love safe.

Okay hey, guys so I know I'm leaving it on a cliffhanger and I know it is super shot and I'm so so sorry. I really just wanted to get another chapter out before the new year. Also, I wanted to say if you guys have any suggestions for one shot I'm starting a one-shot series. I hope you all have a happy and safe new year I love you all.

XOXO VampGirl

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