Niall(age 14): "Y/N, you're such a waste of fucking space." "Get off your phone. Fatass" "Why are you even still alive? Go kill yourself already" Those were just a few of the several hurtful words/phrases your dad's girlfriend, Olivia, has said to you, in the 4- year's they've been together. Your mom died when you were 10, and your father PROMISED he would never get anyone to replace your mom. But he lied I guess. Olivia was a total bitch, she LIVED to make you cry. She wouldn't stop tormenting you until you cried or fired back. She wanted to get a rise out of you, and you let her. Why? because everything she said, you believed. She said you were fat? You starved yourself for a week, She called you ugly? You stole money from your dad and bought make-up. Nothing seemed to satisfy her, She always found something new about you and made sure you knew about it. "Y/N,  you have a pimple.. And it's about to erupt, maybe it'll fix your face." She'd snicker. Where was your dad when all this happened? Out of hearing range, Whenever you used to tell him about it, She'd lie. He'd shake his head at you and send you to your room for the remainder of the night, "Y/N, you know I don't like lying!" He would scold. Finally, you just gave up telling, you let her push you around. And what did you do with all of the pain you endured? You cut. Every time she would say something to you, you'd make a little mark, not big enough to hurt, big enough to be hidden. The bigger you made it, the more it hurt is what you told yourself.      You woke up and sighed, another day of Olivia's torture. It had almost been a morning routine. While some of you, wake up, take a shower, eat breakfast, brush your teeth. Etc. I, wake up, go downstairs, let Olivia tell me how I should really skip breakfast, then walk upstairs to cry in the shower where you couldn't be heard. When you finally rolled out of bed and trudged down the stairs, you stopped when you heard your name. "She's so.. Mean to me. She told me to go kill myself!" Olivia fake-cried into your fathers arms. "Y/N Y/M/N Horan, bring your ass down here!" Niall screamed. You shot up from your spot on the stairs and walked to them. "You no good waste of fucking space!" He yelled and smacked you across your face.    Pain. That's all you could feel as it shot through your body. It hit you like a tone of bricks. Your father had just hit you. "Did you just fucking hit me?!" You screamed and looked at him in shock. "Fuck it. Fuck this shit. Fuck my life. I'm done!" You scream and run to your bathroom and lock the door. "I knew it. Olivia was right, My life has no meaning. I'm gonna end it all" You sniffled and dug around in the bathroom cabinet, looking for your razor blade. "Y/N?! Babe?!" You heard a voice yell as their heavy fists hit the door. "Good bye Daddy. I love you" You whimpered as you found the blade.  "Y/N, baby, talk to me. Are you okay?!" You shook your head and wiped your tears. 'He doesn't give a shit about me' Is what you kept telling yourself. After 17 cuts on your arm, that still wasn't enough. You placed a warm towel on your arm, it almost seemed like whenever you looked there was a new cut on your arm. You shook your head and grabbed a bottle of pills, deciding cutting wasn't enough to kill you. You decided to leave without even a suicide note. Let him explain to them why you're dead. Suddenly the doo swung open and you saw your uncle Laim standing there. "Oh my goodness baby, stop!" He cried and hugged you tightly, careful of your arm. "Stop, how'd you even get it?! I made sure to lock the damn door. Go away, Let me die!"  You sobbed. "No no no no baby girl. Stop it" Liam cried. You immediately pulled away and saw Liam's fifteen year old son, Tyler, standing there, tears in his eyes. "Y/N.. Stop... I.. I love you.. I cant.. see you like this!" Tyler hiccupped.
Your mouth dropped wide open. No.. Tyler didn't just say what I thought he said. He didn't love me, Love wasn't real. It was just as pretend as Peter Pan, or the Little Mermaid. By the time my mouth was closed again, Liam had left to talk to my "Father".  "Y/n.. Please don't do this to yourself!" Tyler whimpered and grabbed her arm lightly and  started kissing your cuts. "Stop.." You flinched and pulled your arm back. "It still hurts.." You said to the teary-eyed boy in front of you. "Baby.. Please don't do this anymore!" He sobbed and wrapped his arms around your waist, hiding his face in the crook of your neck. "My.. my dad" You said and awkwardly placed your arms around his neck. "Fuck him. I don't want you staying here anymore. I cant stand to see the girl I love hurt herself or get hurt, any longer!" With that, you pressed your lips to his and kissed him passionately. You felt him smile against your lips as he tangled his hair in your long brown hair.  You instantly smiled against his lips and felt him tug on your bottom lip. A small giggle left your lips as he picked you up and spun you around. "I love you" He mumbled against your lips, "I..." You whispered, Should I say it  or should I not? I.. I have this feeling in my stomach but I know it's not love. Love isn't real, "I love you" Is just something guys say to girls to get them into bed. Wait.. Tyler just.. "Stop" You said and pulled away, wiping your mouth off. "You don't love me. You just want me for sex" you said and crossed your arms over you chest. "Y/N. What the hell are you talking about?" Tyler said, a hurt expression written all over his face. "Love isn't real. Love is just something guys use to get girls into bed with them." You snapped. "Your dad has really fucked you up hasn't he?" Tyler shook his head. "Give me one chance, Y/N/N, just one chance to show you I really do love you.. With all my heart"."I.. I don't know Tyler." Suddenly the door swung open to reveal a very puffy eyed man, My father. "Y/N, I'm so sorry" He sobbed and hugged me tightly, "Let. Her. Go" Tyler snapped and pushed him off. "She's coming with us, She's not staying here with you. You'll end up killing her." He growled. "Tyler Payne," Liam warned his son.
Tyler’s POV “It’s not a lie, dad! I love her more then he ever will” I yell, agitated that he wasn’t on my side. (Y/N) cuddled into my touch and I looked down and smiled at her, kissing her nose. I heard I growl and looked up at angry blue eyes that belonged to my “uncle” Niall. “GET YOUR HANDS OFF MY DAUGHTER!” Niall yelled. His face was beet red and you could almost see the steam coming out from his ears. I snorted bit afraid of him because I knew what I was fighting for was right. “Oh so now she’s your daughter? You clearly didn’t care for her when she needed you the most! Don’t say you care now seeing at how bad it is” I screamed livid just thinking about the disgust of a man infront of me. “I love her! Sure she lies to me and Anna (Annabelle) but I love my daughter” he said clearly thinking he was right. I almost punched him right there. “YOU JUST DONT GET IT DO YOU?” I scream. I couldn’t believe he was believing that Anna girl over (Y/N) after everything Niall and her put (Y/N) through. “Get what? That (Y/N) can overreact? She makes mistakes but she’s my daughter I love her” he says confused about me not believing him. I just shake my head and grab (Y/N) in a bridal hold. (Y/N) nuzzles her head in my neck. I face back to my father and sneer, “I can’t believe you’re taking his side. If you two agent going to be here for us then we are leaving.” I look down at the beautiful girl in my arms and get overfilled with love. She nods her head, signaling she wants to leave this too. I look up at the two men I used to look up to and spit out, “I’ll love her more then anyone can. Obviously you are too vain to see the amazing daughter and “niece” you guys have. Don’t bother contacting us. Goodbye” and with that I ran out of the house with (Y/N) in my arms into my red pick up truck. Two very angry men chasing after us. But I just stepped on the gas pedal and sped off.  "Tyler.. You do realize you kinda just kidnapped me. Right?" I asked with a small laugh, trying to lighten the mood up. "Yeah, I do. And I'm sorry, I just had to get you away from them.." Tyler sighed and tapped his fingers on the steering wheel. "I just didn't want you to be... With him, knowing what was happening". I nodded slowly and looked at him as he started driving faster and faster and faster. "We can't go back there.. Yanno? They'll take you away from me. And I can't let that happen." Tyler said, noticing me staring. "Tyler.." I whispered once he was going nearly 1oo miles per hour, And the speed limit was 60. "Let me out of the car.. You're clearly not okay right now and I don't want anyone to get hurt.. So just p-" I was caught off Tyler slamming his hand on the steering wheel, "No, Y/N.. Just shut the fuck up and enjoy the damn ride. Will ya?!" He snapped. MY eyed widened as his sudden hostility, "Uhm.. Okay" I said and rested my head on the window. "Damn it.. Y/N, baby, I'm sorry" He said and looked over at me. "TYLER, LOOK!" I screamed when I saw a car, coming at us. The car smashed into ours before Tyler even had a chance to try and stop the car. He died instantly. I laid in a hospital room, staring at a white wall for 3 days before I died. In those 3 days, I realized. My dad loved me, he just had a fucked up way of showing it. He visited me daily, and on my funeral, he didn't shed a single tear. Why? because he was glad that his baby was going to a better place. I was finally gonna be taken away from all the shit.. and the piss that society has to offer. I was free.

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