Ariana's POV

I got up at five in the morning to get ready to go to the airport. I put on sweats and a crew neck sweatshirt with my ugg-like boots. I put my hair in a ponytail and just washed my face not bothering with makeup today. I took my suitcase out along with a tote purse and filled the purse with chargers and other toiletries and stuff ill need on the plane. I rolled my case downstairs stopping waiting for Cameron to come and drive me to the airport. I double checked I had everything before rezipping my bags.

While I waited at the airport I went into one of the coffee shops and got a hot chocolate for me and Cameron. I paid the nice lady at the counter and walked back to where Cameron was now talking to Nash. Who I had assumed came to say goodbye as well. When I reached them I handed Cam his cocoa and sat down by Nash.

"I'm gonna miss you guys" I said wrapping my arms around them as my flight was called.

"We'll miss you too." Cameron said kissing my forehead. Nash hugged me really tight before letting go and telling me to text them when I land and find Matt.

"Goodbye" I yelled from the gates and they waved to me. I handed the lady my plane ticket and boarded in first class finding my seat immediately.

"Please fasten your seat belts we will be taking off momentarily." A flight attendant said through the speakers. I buckled in and put headphones in listening to music the whole ride and eventually dozing off.

When I stepped into the Paris airport I looked around until I spotted a dirty blonde in a beanie also looking around and meeting my gaze. I stepped down from the chair I was on and made my way towards him. "Matthew!" I said as he got closer. I sat my suitcase down to give him a hug.

"How's it going Ariana" he asked when we pulled out of our brief hug.

"Great, long flight though." he nodded. "Do you know where our hotel is?" I added.

"No but ill text the guy that was supposed to be our driver, you speak French?" he asked. "Eh somewhat I took it in ninth grade" I said a bit unsure.

We arrived at the hotel with our information for check in. We we're going to be sharing a double room with two queen beds and one bathroom. "There you go sir, room 128, floor three." The lady at the desk said smiling at us. I returned the smile and followed Matt to the elevator with my luggage. "128, here it is" he said opening the door to a beautiful room. I took the bed by the window with no objection from Matt. "What's the time?" he asked me as I put some clothes into my small dresser. "Uhh, 9:39" he said looking at his watch. "I'm gonna get some sleep then" I said taking some pajamas into the bathroom along with my carry on bag to wash my face and my teeth.

I changed into some pj pants and a tanktop because it was rather hot In the room. I shut the door after I was done and saw Matt on his bed in just basketball shorts. Shirtless. Damn boy has some abs. I adverted my stare to my bed when he realized I was pretty much mentally undressing him. No shame there right? he's gorgeous. "It's alright" he said noticing the little blush on my cheeks. "I was checking you out too" he added winking at me. I giggled and got in my bed covering up with the sheet and falling asleep almost instantly.

So what do ya think? you like the fact that Matthew came in the picture? I just needed some more characters. :)
Ill update ASAP lovelies

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