{1} A Symmetrical Goddess

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Eevee Yule. It was a well known name through out all of Death Weapon Meister Academy and one of those to be most respected. She was hardly seen in the halls, but the rumors could be heard everywhere from every corner of the building. She was either on a mission, resting in the infirmary, or back in her room, but no one could ever find her anywhere. The hardest thing to do, regarding her, was actually find her, and once that was done the second hardest thing was defeating her in a fight.

“Maka,” the voice made the girl jump. She knew it all too well and even though they were considered friends, it was rare for Eevee to actually come looking for her. “It's been too long, hasn't it?”

The girl smiled hugging her book closer to her chest as she looked at a smiling Eevee. It still shocked her every time when the thought of being seen with her would cause an uproar. They were seen as the strongest pair of girl; Maka being a highly intelligent Meister, and Eevee, though smart, was more of the physical, hand-to-hand, Meister. She was second to Maka in intelligence, but she lack in concentration in most of the classes and therefore ended up in eighth place during every exam.

“Are you here to study for the exams,” Maka as with a laugh as Eevee averted her eyes with a small blush on her cheeks. “I suppose that's a no.”

Eeve turned with a smile, “Nothing stay in my mind whether I study it or not,” she brushed a piece of hair out of her eyes, “I'm looking for Curran. Have you seen him around?”

It was hard not to smile back at her, Maka could say that about anyone who saw Eevee's smiled. Of course they would always think of it as an illusion because it was never there, then for a split second it was, before her usual not caring straight mouth was back. Not that it bothered Maka any, she was used to Eevee's way to be, not to mention she smiled most when around her. Which was probably a good sign.

“Maybe he's out hiding somewhere,” Maka poked fun at the girl, who's eyes shone with delight, but her smile didn't show. “You can come hang out with Soul and me. I'm sure he'll pop out sometime soon. Especially if Black Star's around.”

Her faced paled and almost looked instantly sick at the mention of Black Star. Maka couldn't hold back her laughter as Eevee mumbled certain methods on either committing murder or suicide. Finally she decided that suicide would be far easier than to try and murder Black Star single handed without Curran at her side.

“Any luck on your missions so far,” Maka asked trying to star up a conversation with the girl. It was always like that with Eevee. If you didn't speak to her then she didn't bother speaking to you. She was called rude for being that way, but Maka thought it was explainable. Eevee never payed much attention to her surrounding unless someone spoke to her, so she never saw anyone to say 'good morning' to.

“We messed up,” she said, which caught Maka off guard. Eevee messing up on a mission? It was unheard off. “Curran and I got there too late and the mission had been reassigned to someone else. Even Lord Death didn't want to tell me why I was taken off.”

“Huh, you don't say.” That was weird. Eevee was always given preference when asking for missions since she never failed to complete one, but she had been reassigned because they had found someone more capable. “Maybe they were giving you a break. You have been working too hard and the exams are coming up.”

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