The Day. Part 50

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25th December 2016 All Rights Reserved.

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Sarah's POV...

After chatting with the Kingsley's after finishing at the cemetery, they told me that everything was in order with them and I didn't need to worry about anything.

But that is hard to do when you are in another country. You are out of your own safe territory and you are with quite a few people you have never met before in your life.

What was there to not worry about, I was thinking.

The Judge just laughed at me and waved a little paper at me which I snatched out of her hand. Looking down at it to read it, I allowed a slow smile to appear over my face as Ipassed the paper to Reid to have a look at. Then he smiled too.

The following day was going to be awesome.

At the moment, I was going to go back with Joy to the Smiths and Reid was going to stay here.

I had accidently found something at the house when they were pulling things out gettin them ready for tomorrow. It was an old roll of film. An eight milimeter type of film. It looked like it had been stuck in the corner of a box for years and rolled out and fell onto the floor.

With so many people about at the time.. no one saw it and it was nearly stepped on quite a few times by the time I manage to get my own hands on it and quickly plucked it up off the floor.

I called out to Jules and Joy about it, but they were very distracted when some of the little ones came barreling in to the house looking for their grandma's. I fisted the film in my hand and thought that I might get it developed for them and see what is on it. It might be really good to see something together that hasn't been seen by anyone before. 

So I gave it to Reid who was going to take it down to one of the camera shops in town and see about getting it developed and formatted onto a USB drive ready for tomorrow night. Even he was excited about it after I told him where I found it.

So while Joy was talking with May about the following day which May and her family were also coming, I was having a last few words with the Kingsleys and aunty Pat. Then we headed back out of town.

So that night was a repeat of last night except May came out with Reid after the Kingsleys had decided to have a quiet night in along with aunty Pat who was still struggling with a little jet lag. I was just thankful and grateful for everyone looking after us the way they have been since we got here. They have been showing us what a family really is.

So again, Reid and I enjoyed a lovely evening with everyone once he arrived. He also showed me the USB along with the film that had been developed with a smile.

" It's a corker, this one." He said to me with a smile as he passed them both over to me and I slipped them into my bag for later.

" I can hardly wait." I said to him as I reached up and gave him a kiss. A nice brief but thoroughly good one.

One that drew a few wolf whistles and cat calls from various members of the family who had been standing close by at the time.

We also had a few laughs when we saw how Jaxon and Barb were acting with each other. His influence on her was very distracting for her and I had to ask her a few times if she remembered who the baby's father was. One time she snapped at me when I asked her. 

" So, Barb. You do remember who Carlson is don't you?" I asked her which had her giving me a really sour look.

" Who?" She said without taking her eyes off Jaxon as he mingled among everyone who was there.

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