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Song for the chapter: A daydream away- All time low

"Why are you so nervous Piper? You've performed in front of people before." Hannah says popping a grape into her mouth.
We all are in the cafeteria, and today is the day of our 'project' which turns out to be the musical night and we have to perform in front of the whole college. It's not like I'm scared or anything to perform in front of people, it's Austin. He makes me nervous, when I'm near him it's like the whole aura changes around me and I can't function properly within myself, he gives me that tingly feeling deep inside my tummy which I never thought existed and my heart thinks it's the best time to start beating like drum beats at the exact moment. It's the first time I'm going to perform with Austin and I badly don't want to mess up.
"I'm just, I just need some fresh air." I need to get out of here, cafeteria is too crowded and I guess I will faint if I don't get the fuck out "I'll be right back."

I walk through the foyer and see Austin standing with Dylan and Sara. Dylan notices me please don't shout, please don't shout, please don-"Hey Piper."
Well done.
Austin looks into my direction and smiles and Sara, well she just huffs, what's her problem?
I awkwardly wave at them and wrap my arms around myself, it's so cold out here and Miss Attitude is wearing a singlet and a mini floral skirt.
"I'll see you guys later." I walk away before they have a chance to speak to me.
Austin and Dylan, how did they even know each other so well? I have seen them hanging out almost everyday in college together. Oh of course they are 'the people' of the college, so it makes sense. I just hope Dylan doesn't open his mouth and tell Austin about the stupid kiss. I walk towards the backside of the college, it's all covered in huge brick walls and it's cold, I should have bought my jacket even tho I'm wearing my hoodie. I stand near the corner of the wall and close my eyes, take a deep breath. I fish out my phone from the back pocket of my jean and dial the number. It rings a few times before
"Piper, how are you love?" My mothers voice fills my ear and I sigh. I miss her so much.
"Mother" I say and there are already tears flowing down my cheeks.
"Piper, are you ok?" she asks her voice filled with concern.
I wipe the tears with the back of my hand,"I'm fine, I miss you mum."
"I miss you more darling, but don't worry I'm coming home tomorrow my flight is in few hours." She says her voice filled with excitement and I couldn't help but laugh. She asks me about the project and tells me not worry about it and it will be okay.
"I better hang up now I'm at the airport," with that she hangs up the phone and I lean my head on the back of the wall and close my eyes again.
I hear someone's footsteps nearing but I keep my eyes close. The person comes and stands next to me and I know exactly who it is, I can feel his presence anywhere. I still don't open my eyes and the only sound is our breathing.
"Are you okay Piper?" He asks and I feel like this is the only question everyone's been asking me today. I open my eyes and his beautiful chocolate brown orbs are staring into my eyes and I can't help but sigh. His cheeks are a little shade of pink because of the cold and his lips are a darker shade of pink almost red, he is wearing a grey beanie and his hair peaking out, he looks so adorable right now I can't help but pinch his cheeks.
"Woah your hands are cold" he says and holds both my hands in his, his hands are warm and I look down at our tangled hands then again at him and he is looking at me as if waiting for me to say something.
"What?" I say.
He cocks his head. "Piper are you nervous?" He pulls me closer and yet again my subconscious wakes up from the slumber and start her running on the treadmill so that my heart rate accelerates.
"Austin wha-" I'm cut off by his mouth, which is now pressed against mine.
My eyes are wide, what is happening? Austin Jones is kissing me. Kiss him back you idiot my inner soul shouts and I close my eyes, wrap my arms around his neck and kiss him back.
At this moment I forget that I'm nervous, forget that this boy who is kissing me right now in the back of our college means so much to me that I can't describe it, I cannot put it into the words. His lips are soft and he smells of aftershave, coffee and just the smell I can describe as Austin. My fingers tug at the hair on the back of his neck which are peaking out of his beanie and with the last the peck I pull away and he rests his forehead against mine.
My inner soul is victory dancing and I'm grinning like an idiot and Austin, he is smiling too.
"Let's go perform." He takes my hand and we make our way through the foyer, he picks up his guitar and we walk towards the back room of the auditorium.
There are people from the music class who have been paired up together for this. I get a text from Maddison saying good luck and they are in the audience already. I quickly text her back.
"Austin and Piper, are you guys ready? You are next."
Okayyyyy take a deep breath, everything will be fine.
We make our way to the stage and oh my. I guess each and every person in the campus decided to show up today, people are hooting and cheering and 'Austin I love yous' obviously by his 'fangirls'. I spot Madi, Nikkie and Hannah and Hannah whistles and I shake my head.

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