Chapter 5

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"Tsukiko... Tsukiko..."

From somewhere far, the girl heard a voice calling her name. "What?" she asked, not bothering to take her eyes from her phone.

"Tsukiko!" the voice screamed next to her ear. A second later, a hand grabbed her phone and pulled from her fingers.

"Hey..." Tsukiko blinked and turned her head. When she saw Yui holding the phone, she stretched her arm without leaving her seat. "Give it back."

Her friend raised her arm, taking the phone out of the owner's reach. "So you're finally paying attention, huh? I've been calling you for ages."

Tsukiko pressed her lips and sighed. "Sorry," she said, lowering hand. "I'm waiting for a text and—"

"From that kid?" Yui handed the phone back. "Taichi-kun?"

"It's Taiyou-kun, and no. I'm waiting for a text from his aunt," she said, her eyes already back to the screen. Rin-nee should've sent by now, Tsukiko thought. She checked if there was a signal, clicking her tongue when she saw all the bars. What's taking so long? Did something happen? It's been days since I talked to him...

Taiyou-kun had gone back to his hometown to spend the rest of the school break with his grandparents. It hadn't even been a week since he left, but after spending almost the entire recess with him, it was weird not having the boy by her side. Even just reading manga isn't as fun without him reading something else in the room.

And I wanted to see him in his school uniform. The moment Taiyou-kun told her he would be attending Teikou Private Academy, Tsukiko wanted to see. All because she knew the Teikou's uniform was a gakuran.

It doesn't seem like him at all... I'll bet he's gonna look super cute wearing it, all out of place and embarrassed, she thought, a sly smile on her lips. Too bad he refused to wear for me. Did he realize I wanted to tease him?

With a smile on her lips and the picture of him wearing the black uniform in her heart, Tsukiko knocked on his door that morning. You're not gonna leave to school without me seeing you first, she thought, holding her grin.

Rin-nee opened the door. "Morning, Tsukiko-chan. Come in, come in," the woman said with a yawn, going back inside. "If you're here for Taiyou, I'm sorry, but he isn't back."

"What?" Tsukiko felt all the excitement leaving her body, along with her smile. She followed the woman and sat on the stool. "Wasn't he supposed to be back yesterday?"

Rin-nee had an awkward smile on her lips as she poured herself a cup of coffee. "Yeah... He and my dad went fishing yesterday, and apparently they lost track of time. Dad called yesterday night saying Taiyou was tired and that he'd be sending him back first thing in the morning." The doctor chuckled when she saw the girl's shocked face. "My sister had the same the same expression before she started lecturing dad. I'm telling you, never get on nee-san's bad side," she said, a tremor running through her body. "Anyway, she went to get him at the station. I'm gonna meet them at school."

Tsukiko looked at the floor.

"Oh, come on. Don't look so down," Rin-nee said. "It's only been five days since you saw each other. You can't be missing him that much."

The girl sighed and showed a tiny smile. "It's not that. It's just that I wanted to..." Tsukiko trailed off, blushing.

"To see him in his uniform?" Rin-nee completed the girl's sentence, grinning.

Tsukiko opened her mouth and then chuckled. "Yes," she admitted. "He refused every time I asked him to wear it."

"Yeah... he did the same with me when I asked. Don't know why." They both laughed this time. "Only when sister asked he put it on. I'll tell you this. He looks super cute and super hard not to tease."

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