The calm before the storm.

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The loud as crap noise of the alarm clock woke me up.


I think im going to need a new alarm clock again, considering that the alarm clock was crushed like a can under my fist. "Brit, breakfast is ready!" mom called when she heard that my alarm clock went off. I got off the bed and looked around my room for a second. It was extremely bland, i never spend much time on decorations. a simple bed with a simple nightstand and a simple chest at the end of the room. The whole entire other side was empty, other than a mirror. I looked into that and took in my messy blood-red hair, that had orange tips at the end. Its all natural, i tried dieing it, but it stubbornly refused to change color. My bright red eyes stood out, I'm sure you can image the stares you get with red eyes, so i all ways use contacts.


"Coming, mom!" I yelled back down, hopping off of the bed. I always slept in jeans and a long sleeved shirt., so i didn't need to dress. Running down the stairs i came into the kitchen. my mom, with black hair, black eyes, and a tall stature, was messing around with the bacon and eggs she made. I LOVE bacon and as soon as i saw it, i found my self right infront of it, ready to grab some. My mom fell back in surprise. "You need to stop teleporting like that brit." she said. "Sorry mom, didnt mean to." i responded, i allways accidently did strange things like punch with the force of a angry bear, and teleporting. I grabbed the 12 sclises of bacon and a few eggs, sat down, and dug in.

"We need to talk." she said hesitantly. I suddenly rememberd every single bad thing ive ever done in the time between the last time she said that.

"What did i do?" i said with my mouth full.

She just sat there for a second and looked down. "Have your ever wondered why you can do the things you can do?" she asked. "Of course not mom, i never wondered why i have red eyes, strange hair, super strength, and teleporting. oh, AND FREAKING WINGS" I said. yes, i had wings that i could make appear when i wanted to. They looked like how you would imagine a dragons wings. i wish I've seen one, very few people see them nowadays.

"Hmnn....How do i put this..." she put allot of thought into this, she was going to try to beat around the bush and be clever about it. "Your dad was a demon" she said bluntly. "Yup, and I'm the queen of purple rainbow unicorn puppy's." i said with a strait face. "You have WINGS" she said. "Hmnn...good point. why cant i have a purple rainbow unicorn puppy anyway mom? they are only about 400C" she said. "i told you, they are to expensive and pee rainbows EVERYWHERE. you know how hard it is to clean up rainbows? you have to spray the crap out of them in in the dark."

"Thats like saying you doint want a daughter because they cost buttloads of money" i said.

"Shush Brit, oh, and here is a little-somthin-somthin" she said, handing her an envelope, opening it Brit read.

You Have been invited to the demon school of America, or DSOA.

   Bring everything you would normaly bring to a school.

(Note. We aren't paying for it when you get the crap beaten out of you.)

"So.." i started "Harry potter much?"

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