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Fallon Renée Montello has sent you a friend request.

Confirm or Delete Request?

That was my most recent notification. The name Fallon and Montello rang a bell. It got me curious. Ignoring the friend request, I tapped on her Facebook account.

I was right. It's the same Fallon that bravely stood in the middle of the road, drunkenly blocking my car that I didn't have a choice to hit the brake. I'll never forget that night.

I pressed on the thumbnail of her profile picture. The photo loaded briefly before it occupied my screen. It was a close up photo. The white windows at the right side and the white supporting beam at the left were blurred at the background. The photo was entirely focused on her.

Her body was turned, facing sideward from the camera─but her face was slightly angled in front

Oops! Ang larawang ito ay hindi sumusunod sa aming mga alituntunin. Upang magpatuloy sa paglalathala, subukan itong alisin o mag-upload ng bago.

Her body was turned, facing sideward from the camera─but her face was slightly angled in front. She was looking straight at the lens with her bright light hazel eyes that it almost looked olive green. Her thick eyebrows were arched.

Her face was smooth and bare. Her eyelashes weren't dramatic and long but it was so black that it showcased her eyes. The angle gave justice to her pointed nose.

My eyes dropped to her lips. Half of it was being covered with a few strands of her brown hair. The lighting made her curled hair look like strands of gold.

She's wearing a flower crown made up of white roses, green unknown leaves, and other shit I don't know.

An angel.

That's what she looked like.

I read the description. Gracing my bff's plate for her Photography course with my beauty. My lips twitched.

She posted a photo half hour ago. She's sitting in front of a mirror, looking well dressed for an event. The likes on her photo is past eight hundred. The comments were a hundred. Most comments were from guys. For some reason, it irked me a little.

"Are you listening to me, Grant?" I heard my father say.

Agad kong inalis ang mga mata mula sa hawak na phone at palihim na pinatay iyon at itinago. Inangat ko ang tingin sa sarili kong ama. His forehead was creased.

"I'm sorry, what?" I asked.

My father sighed. "Rush was busy with his phone texting his wife when I talked to him about this, too. Pati ba naman ikaw? Kayong magpinsan talaga."

My lips pursed together. I'd rather not say anything. Ano bang isasagot ko roon? I already apologized once.

"I'm reminding you about the informal dinner meeting with the Montello's at eight."

"Montello... Logan Montello?" I asked.

"Kaklase mo siya noong highschool, diba? Well, he's handling their business now. He will most likely be there as well. Fabian Montello mentioned that he'll be bringing his daughter, too."

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