Christmas Eve Apart

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~ Your POV ~

You're sitting on your couch, wearing one of your boyfriends hoodies, a pair of black leggings, and some thick fluffy socks. Not that anyone who comes in will see what you're wearing, because you are completely submerged in blankets, to the point where only your head is visible. You stare at your Christmas tree, and you smile with watery eyes. When Sean last visited you, he helped you decorate your tree. He last visited you just after Halloween, so to some it would seem to early to put up your Christmas tree, but the two of you knew you wouldnt be able to spend Christmas together, so you did the decorating when you could, then at least you did something Christmassy together. Long distance sucks. You sigh, burying yourself further into your blankets as the tears in your eyes blur your vision, making all your fairy lights blur into one line of light. You miss him, more than words can describe. The two of you have been dating for 3 years now, and you are yet to spend Christmas together, because of the distance between you, it's always difficult to see each other with work, let alone during the holiday you're supposed to spend with family. Well, at least you arent completely alone at Christmas. You stand up, bringing your blanket cloak with you as you shuffle towards his room. You push the door open silently, to see your 4 year old son, Alfie, sleeping soundly, curled up beneath his SepticEye bed covers. You smile widely. He's been watching Jacks videos since before you met him, you used to sit him up on the couch as a little baby, and the sound of Jacks voice would stop him crying in seconds, then he'd be giggling and squealing throughout whatever video he was watching. He's probably a bigger fan of your boyfriend than you are, and that's saying something! Alfie misses Sean a lot too, the same as you do, and whenever he does visit, Alfie wants to spend every waking moment with him, which you think is ridiculously sweet. He calls Sean his dad, and he has done for the past 2 years, because Sean has promised that, even if the two of you split up, he will never walk out on Alfie. You close his bedroom door, and shuffle back into the living room, before falling theatrically onto the couch, your blanket burrito breaking your fall. Just as your face is beginning to sink into your blankets, your laptop alerts you of someone calling you on Skype. You raise an eyebrow and lift yourself up, then you turn and stare at your laptop. You almost fall off the couch, Sean's calling you! You scramble to accept the call, not caring what you look like, the two of you are beyond the "constantly caring what you look like in front of the other person" stage at this point.
His gorgeous smiling face fills your screen "Hey sweetheart!" He greets you.
You grin at him "Hey Sean!"
His eyes scan your face, and his smile disappears, it is replaced by a concerned frown "Have you been crying?"
You shake your head "No."
Sean raises an eyebrow "(Y/N)."
You sigh "Ok, so maybe I shed a few tears earlier, but it no reason for you to worry!"
His eyes soften "Darling, why were you crying?"
You look away from him, your bottom lip trembling "Because I miss you."
You hear him sniffle. Instantly, your head snaps back to look at him, and you see a single tear rolling down his cheek. Your heart shatters.
"I-I miss you too (Y/N), so much." He laughs slightly and wipes his eyes "But, we shouldnt let that ruin our Christmas! So, where's that gorgeous smile?"
You giggle, blushing uncontrollably a his compliment "I dont know, where is it?"
Sean smiles widely "There it is! God, you're so beautiful." He stares at you in awe, leaning forward and resting his head on his hands.
Your blush intensifies "And you are one sexy hunk of man meatloaf!"
He laughs "Damn right I am!" He runs a hand through his faded green hair.
You sigh "Do you have any idea how badly I wanna touch your hair right now?"
Sean laughs harder and shakes his head "I swear, you have an addiction to touching my hair!"
You nod frantically "I do indeed, and I am unashamed!"
He shakes his head some more as he smiles at you, then he changes the subject "How's Alfie?"
You get a warm fuzzy feeling within you, you love when he asks about Alfie, it shows he really cares about him. "He's good! He's asleep right now, he's very excited to see what Santa leaves for him!" You wink "And he misses you like crazy, everyday he asks when you're next coming to stay with us."
Sean sighs "I miss him too, and I cant wait to see you guys again. It wont be long now, hopefully."
Your eyes widen "What!?! Are you coming over soon!?!"
He smirks "I might be!"
Your jaw drops "When!?!"
He laughs "THAT is a secret! Just know that it'll be soon!"
You squeal "Yay! Are you gonna spend Christmas with us?"
Sean shakes his head "No sweetheart, Im sorry, I couldnt book flights in time, airports are always super busy around Christmas time."
You nod sadly "I know, dont worry, it's not your fault. Im just excited to see you, whenever you do just randomly show up at my apartment!" A yawn accidentally escapes your mouth, you reach up to cover your mouth to be polite, you're pretty Sean doesnt want to see the inside of your mouth.
Sean smiles at you lovingly "Are you tired darling?"
You shake your head as you feel your eyelids get heavy "No, not at all!"
He laughs slightly "Get some sleep gorgeous, remember how early Alfie wakes you up on Christmas day!" He winks.
You point upwards "You make a valid point god sir!"
Sean chuckles and shakes his head "Goodnight sweetheart, sweet dreams, I love you, and Merry Christmas!"
You smile tiredly at him "Night babes, sweet dreams right back at ya, I love you too, ya smelly, and Merry Christmas to you too!"
He laughs and shakes his head at you, then smiles at you one final time, before ending the call. You turn off your laptop off and stand up, shuffling around your apartment, going to all your secret present hiding places, and laying all the presents under the tree in an aesthetically pleasing fashion. You take a picture, and post it on instagram, with the caption: "Amazing! I went to pee, and when I came back, all the presents were under the tree! Santa sure does work fast, I wish I had his speed when editing videos, godDAMN! 😂🎅🏼🎉"
Sean likes your photo, and you smile, he always makes the effort to like everything you post, bless. With another tired yawn, you stumble into your bedroom, and collapse on your bed. Considering you spent practically all day editing your YouTube videos and entertaining your son at the same time, you are completely drained. Thankfully, your channel is pretty successful, you have around 10 Million subscribers at this point, so you definitely have enough money for you and your son to live by, and without having another job on the side too! As you close your eyes, you think about what to do for your next subscriber milestone. You've got at least a month to plan, but you like to think about the possibilities in advance. Maybe an omegle meet up? Do some stupid dares? Actually make a makeup tutorial, which would be pretty hilarious considering you have no idea how you put on the little makeup you do wear? You could just post your nudes...hA! First off, self confidence is not a thing you possess. Second, Sean is the only one that gets your nudes ayyy. You giggle at your own thoughts. Spending Christmas Eve without Sean wasnt too bad, you still got to talk to him, even if it was over Skype. Of course, you wish he could've been here, but you're not gonna be unrealistic, him being able to fly to you at Christmas is like something out of a fanfiction, like one of those cheesy imagines his fans have written about him! With a wide smile on your face, you curl up under your blankets, and fall into a deep sleep.

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