Bitter Sweet Love. Chapter 21.

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Chapter 21. Edited. 

''Johnny'', I shouted down the hall way. Here in the ICU, Surrounded by crying parents, distraught children and pacing spouses. I heard a long noise coming from somewhere. Like the one you see in movies when people are dying and the machines are flat lining. I was still in dream world and things around were strange like watching a TV. 2 nurses rushed past me. 1 female and 1 male.

''Where?'', 1 asked the other.

''Room 207'', the other replied as they rushed past me to Paisleys room.

My phone started vibrating in my hand as I came back to reality and began sprinting after the nurses to a room not that far away. I picked up my cell and answered it as I stood outside a room that red 207 and beyond the door a loud screeching noise was coming.

''Hello'', I answered hysterical. ''Hello'', I said again getting angry.

''Kira its Cameron...He collapsed'', Milo breathed down the phone.

''Sweet Jesus'', I cried angry.

''The ambulance is on the way. Kira I just don't know what to do,  Kira our life's are crumbling down around us'', Milo said and I could tell he was crying.

''I know'', I said beginning to cry too. I took a few steps to the side and I sat on the ground and broke down into tears.

''Its all happening so fast'', He said.

A loud siren started from Milo's side of the phone. ''it's the ambulance'', He cried. ''OVER HERE'', He screamed and two minutes later two males voices came into hearing.

''What's wrong with him'', 1 male voice asked.

''He has leukaemia'', Milo cried.

''Quickly Ned'', the other said.

''We have to go, are you coming'', the other said.

''What happened to you?'', someone else said.

''Yes and its nothing I can't handle'', Milo said and then went back to addressing me.

''I have to go K'', the phone went dead.

I broke down into streams of tears. I hadn't noticed until now that the loud screeching had changed to a low beep. The silence of this ward was almost torturing. The hum of the silent beeps and the people around me sniffling and some silently was crying. We were all in the same boat. Someone each of us knew were in the ICU unit and that someone we knew could die.

''Ma'am'', A nurse with a southern accent said tipping me on the shoulder. I looked up at her pretty heart shaped face and the mass of curls that surrounded it.

''That Young girl yonder in room 207'', she said pointing to the door beside me.

''D'ya know her'', She asked sweetly. I nodded unable to locate my voice.

''Are you her sister?'', She asked and I just nodded.

''Well ma'am we have some bad news about your lil'sister'', She said sad.

''What?'', I asked jumping up and getting extremely scared.

''She was suffering from preeclampsia, unfortunately she had not been to any of her doctors appointments so it was not detected early enough. Your Sister is stable, but she is not out of the danger zone yet. She will be here for a long time, you should head on home. '', She said.

''The baby?'', I said putting a hand on her arm and she turned back to look at me and she solemnly shook her head.

"The baby was stillborn", she said and I could tell this hurt her too.

''Can I see Paisley?'', I asked keeping my head high for the sake of Paisley.

''She nodded and took my hand and brought me with her through the door.

Paisley lay on a hospital bed hooked up machines and drips. In true Paisley fashion she looked up at me and forced a smile.

''Where's Johnny?'' She squeezed out.

I swallowed deep. ''He left'', I said walking to Paisley side and grabbing her hand.

''So, he told you about Milo'', She said cringing.

''Yea'', I said low.

''So'', she said glancing down at her relatively flat stomach. ''How's my baby?'', She said looking around the room. I caught the nurses eye of which was filled with pity.

''Paisley, the baby was gone before you got here. It was stillborn'', I said as tears formed in her eyes.

''You had preeclampsia, babe why didn't you go to the doctor?'', I said as a tear fell down her cheek.

''The timings did not line up for it to be Baileys, I was trying to save my own skin'', She said and she burst out crying. I threw my arms around her and she squeaked as I hurt her.

''Shhh'', I soothed her.

The Doctor entered the room. "You are awake, Paisley we need to talk", she said seriously.

"I know already", she said rubbing her eyes.

"She is in the morgue, your family can organize funeral arrangements", the doctor said rubbing Paisleys free hand. 

It was unbearable to watch someones heart break in front of you.

''Cameron's in hospital too'', I said not being able to keep it in.

''Go to him. I'll be OK'', She said still engulfed in her own tear

''But'', I said and she gave me an angry look.

''Go'', She said.

I stood up but never let go of her hand as I retreated. Her hand eventually couldn't go any further so I dropped it and ran.

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