4 | Dont call me Lola

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A boy holds me from behind and he is so gentle. He seems familiar.

Looking up, there's a crowd around us. Everyone was holding their phones and cheering all while Sarah is on the ground crying as her best friend helps her up.

'Don't fuck with me, or any of us', I state and fix my skirt I look behind me and the boy is gone before I get to see his face.

'Ladies!', the teacher yells. Then the bell rings. Sarah runs to the toilet, sobbing.

Miss Lock grabs my wrist and drags me to the office but before she could take me, I pretend to fall on the ground.

'Miss you're breaking my wrist!', I jokingly say and lay on the grass.

'Lola, if you don't get up, I'm going to carry you myself. What would Adrienne think?', she gives me a stern look.

'Don't call me Lola, my mum doesn't give a shit', I angrily state and follow her as I have no choice. someone pats me on the back. I look behind me and Valerie is sitting on the tables grinning. She gives me a thumbs up as Miss Lock yells for everyone to go to third period and pulls me to the office.

'This isn't the only time this happened Lo. This could have been serious', my teacher sighs as the nurse gives me tissues for my nose.

'Someone really tough punched you in the nose huh', Miss Blain the school nurse says as she puts a fresh tape on it.

'Nah that was from Saturday night', I sheepishly say and the nurse gives me a look. I follow Miss Lock to her office.

'What did she do Lo', she sighs and rubs her temples.

'She umm leaked Valerie's nudes, now can I go to class! I have Art, my fav you know that miss', I say, pissed off.

'Oh god that's horrible.You girls have to be so careful these days. Especially you Lo, don't get caught in this mess alright, what would Adrienne think?', Miss Lock says.

Miss Lock is my mothers really old friend from when she was young. She is my favorite teacher as I can get away with everything but I only have Mathematics with her. She is seriously the MVP and is basically my auntie.

'I'm sorry Miss don't tell her please', I plead, trying to look innocent.

'I won't report this, but next time you do it, I will call your mother', she gives in and sighs. 'Shoo, get out of my office and go back to Art', she grumbles. .

With a smirk on my face, I walk out of the office then I see Miss Piere walking out of the staff room, I quickly take my jumper off and stuff it under my shirt and roll my shorts down.

I walk past her and give her a smile.

She looks puzzled and gives me a dirty look and walks by. I run to the classroom.


'Hey guys', I say with a cocky smile as I burst into the classroom.

'Look who it is, ayyeee', half the class coos as I sit down next to my best friends.

Mr Taylor looks up in disdain and walks toward me.

'Where have you been Miss Cortella', he asks.

My Taylor is such a chill and laid back teacher. He is a black teacher in his mid twenties and always makes jokes and the whole class loves him, unlike Miss Piere.

'Oh well just the usual, I fell down the stairs and broke my nose', I shrug my shoulders as the class laughs.

'Whatever get back to work or else I'll push you down the stairs myself', he jokes and brings me the painting.

'That was pretty bad ass Lo, Sarah is done', Ari giggles and dips her paintbrush in a lilac color. She flicks it over the canvas as she paints a beautiful girl with flowers covering her hair.

'I did what I had to do', I wink and Val gives me a hug.

I think back to what Sarah has said. Drug fucked slut. Is that really true. I mean I don't really sleep with people or take drugs every day and I'm certainly not mental but I don't know why I just snapped at her snarky comment.

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