The Celebration Preparations Part 49

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24th December 2016 All Rights Reserved.

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Sarah's POV...

We arrived fairly early at the farm the next morning. We actually got there for morning tea which was just as exciting as when we were here the day before with all the movement and excitement happening around the place.

" So what are the plans today?" I asked Joy who had been looking after Donna and Teddy with a helping hand from her granddaughter Donna or Donnie, who was named after the older woman.

" Today we get ready for tomorrow when we all get together at the cemetery. We make it a celebration when we meet up with everyone there and have lunch. We've already cleared it with the council like we usually do every year. But they know what date we all meet up and they all come in and make sure everything is presented well for us. But they leave the plot for us to do. Which is today. Would you like to join us. There will only be a few of us going in to do that particular job." Joy added as she grabbed a few things from the kitchen fridge and put into a small cooler bag to take with her.

" I think I would like to do that if it isn't too much trouble. I will have to pop in and check on the 'olds' during the day too while we are there.

" No worries. There will be pleanty of time for that afterwards if you like." Joy was saying as she finished packing the cooler with some drinks and nibblies while we were there.

So after organizing three Forby's (as off road vehicles are called over here) we all piled in and with me and Barb in the back of one Forby with Jaxon driving and Reid in the front beside him, we set off. I could see Joy and Jullianne in the back on another vehicle with John and Robbie who lead the way.

I think it was the twins and their wives who were in the last one.

An hour later, we were coming into Armidale straight under the highway overpass and traveled on this road until we turned once ot twice and were shortly driving down the centre lane that divided the cemetery in two before pulling up under the shade of a couple of trees.

Looking around, I could see it was a very well maintained country cemetery. Not like some I have seen at home.

Then we all piled out and me and Barb just watched and waited until we saw what we were suppost to be doing. We watched as the men all dragged out some tables with a few chairs and then there was a few bags that Jules, as she wants us to now call her, was pulling out.

" Sarah. Can you grab these bags for me please and if Barb can carry these. We'll head on up before the men start their prepping." Jules was saying to us both.

I took hold of the bags and balanced them and myself with Barb watching me before she too went and took the bags from Jules.

" Is there a problem?" Jules asked us with a look.

" No, no.. I'm just balancing myself before moving. It's something I have to do all the time when I don't use my own walker to get about." I said to her with a gentle smile.

" Your own walker? Why would you use one?" She asked me with a frown.

I had to laugh. I guess there are some things that Joy didn't tell them.

" I guess Joy didn't tell you all about me then? Joy was my therapist when I was critically hurt and was in the recovery stage. In fact, it was your mum that got me involved with being a pschycologist. But there are still days when I have to use a walker as well as a wheelchair when it all gets a bit too much for me both physically and mentally. Brian and Jess are actually my carers." I said to her and watched as her jaw dropped at hearing that from me.

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