Girls Day / Night

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11:45 am

I sat in my bed thinking about my father once again, I've called for the thousand time and still no answer. I was literally over here stressing myself out he had me worried out of my mind right about now and I needed to hear his voice.

I still haven't even talked to Ace about this like I told myself I was, It's just Ace has a new baby to worry about and our father is the last thing on his mind I bet. Yeah that's right even though my father revealed that Ace wasn't his son I still called him the both of our father because it felt right. I could only wish for the best at this point, I prayed and prayed and prayed that our father was okay. Now all that was left to do was to talk to Ace about everything.

I got out of my bed and took a deep breathe, I didn't know how Ace would react but hopefully he'd show some sympathy. I heard noise in the kitchen so I knew it had to be him since Alexis went to work.

''Ace.'' I said walking into the kitchen.

''What's up Mel?'' He said making hisself a bowl of cereal. This nigga was truly a kid at heart he never cooked breakfast food he just ate cereal all damn day.

I sighed ''Ace we need to talk.''

'' I'm listening.'' He said sitting at the table.

''It's about dad.'' I said sitting across from him.

''You mean yo dad?''He said smacking his lips.

''Ace , don't do that. I'm really worried about him.''I said starting to get a little emotional.

He sighed. ''What's going on Mel?''

''He's not answering the phone Ace , I'm really worried. I called so many times and nothing. What if something's wrong?''I said in full blown tears by now.

''Melody don't cry it'll be alright sis.''He said getting up from the table and hugging me.

''Ace I'm just worried about him, I need to know if he's okay that's it.''I said wiping my tears from my face.

''I know I know baby sis, I'ma see what I can do. I'll even call him myself, Just stop crying we gone get through this together.''He said hugging me tightly and kissing my forehead.

I nodded my head. ''Thank you Ace, I just hope he's okay.''I said.

''Me too.'' He mumbled as he continued to hold me . Once I heard him say that I knew deep down he still cared for our father and that made me happy inside because even though my father isn't Ace's farther there still my family and hold a special place in my heart. I loved Ace for always being there when I needed him and always wiping away my tears for me. Big brothers are everything , I truly feel sorry for you if you don't have one, Ace was my everything and I loved our relationship I knew I could tell him anything even though he would dip in my business sometimes on the regular.

I know he's just looking after me and wants the best for me. Times like this makes me think of my mother lord knows I miss her so much. I wish she was here so we could talk I mean sure I have my Dad and Ace but a girl needs her mother. When she passed away my whole world went crashing down it was the worst tone of my life. I'll always have the memories and her beautiful face to keep me going though, but if I had one wish it would go bring her back.

All this stress had me really needing a day of relaxation so I decided to hit my girls up . It's been a minute since we all linked up together plus I was dying to know how Nia and Shawn's date with that Heffa never told me. Maybe that's a good thing though or is it a bad thing? Hmmm I don't know, but I'll be finding out soon okay.

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