[Requested] {Ishimaru Kiyotaka x Shisha} (OC)

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Requested by : @PacifinaxGenos

So, this is a specific OC x Character scenario. @PacifinaxGenos you're welcome! Sorry if it's late. I had do so many things like make art for my friends.

Title: I know, it's kinda Cliche right?

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No one's POV:
Ishimaru walked calmly towards the gym with a letter in hand, where he usually peeked in unnoticed to see a specially sight every day. He would always see a special ballerina dancing in the room, counting the steps to herself silently. Ishimaru thought she was the loveliest girl he has ever seen. He would always just watch from a tiny crack through the door, seeing her lovely and private performance.

    But today, after she finishes practicing her dance, he would get the chance to approach her. Ishimaru  was never confident in facing her, alone in a room where nobody knows. Clutching the letter, he heard the music stop and walked into the gym.

Shisha looked up from the MP3 she had specifically for herself. She smiled as she saw Ishimaru walk towards her.

    "Hi Ishimaru-kun!" Shisha waved to him, then spied the letter in his hand. Ishimaru kept his composure as he extended the letter to her.

    "Here. I-I need you to read this letter, please, then tell me what you think ok?" He said as she took the letter from him. Shisha opened the letter, hesitated for a minute, and turned to where Ishimaru was just a minute ago but didn't see him. 'Guess he must have gone to do something...' Shisha thought.

She (this name is gonna drive me crazy since it sounds like 'she') opened the letter and read through it carefully. Her eyes cautiously read the paper, read it twice, read it three times, and then read it a last time. Her face broke into a genuine smile, her heart beating fast as she muttered to herself, "What a cutie Ishimaru can be...."

~Meanwhile with the school's favorite school rule fanatic~

Ishimaru speed walked (bcuz no running in the halls) to his dorm, his heart beating out of his chest. He stepped into his dorm, closed the door, then plopped down onto the bedsheets.

"That was the hardest thing I ever needed to do." He said to himself. Chihiro walked into the room, holding her- I'm sorry, his computer.

"Is everything alright, Ishimaru-sempai (Sempai=senior I f-Ing looked it up ppl!)?" Chihiro timidly spoke. Ishimaru raised his head from his pillow for only a minute, then buried it again.

    "Fujisaki.....I think I've messed up." He said. "You know how you gave me advice for Shisha-chan?" Fujisaki nodded. "Well, I think that letter method didn't really work out."

    "Oh really?" A voice said from the doorway. Ishimaru looked up and saw Shisha standing there, an opened letter in hand. She was smiling as if she just received the best thing in the world. Fujisaki looked from girl to boy, then back again. A smile appeared on Fujisaki's face.

"I think I'll leave you here to do your thing, Ishimaru-kun, Shisha-san." And with that, Fujisaki hurried out. Ishimaru swore he could hear giggling. Shisha walked up to Ishimaru and sat down beside him. His cheeks lit up and he looked away.

"I know I know, it looks and sounds cliché but-" "But nothing Ishimaru. I'm going to have to make this quick thought. Just a few simple words; I love you."

She tilted his head towards her and kissed him on the lips. Ishimaru's face lit up even more. There was one thing on his mind that moment.

    'This may be cliché but at least I know she likes me right?'

Me: Finally.

Fuyuhiko: Took ya long enough. Tch.

Kazuichi: *eats a pear*


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