Chapter 3- Maybe the Gods...

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"Guys, we need to do something. We can't just stay down and give up," I spoke up firmly. I hastily wiped away at my tears. "This isn't what he would've wanted. We have to make a plan."

"Yes, we have to. She's right, we'll make a plan. Grover, could you please get the world map?" Chiron stated without a single expression written on his face.

"Of course Chiron," Grover said. He came back with a large blue rolled up paper.

"Thank you," Chiron stated as he took the paper from Grover's hand. He unfolded the map and laid out the paper on the table. "So, Chase, what do you have in mind?"

I was racking my brain trying to find an operation we can do to search for Percy. "Maybe we can just send out search parties near us first, then send out a group of satyrs to Camp Jupiter and have them send out search parties there."

"Yes, but where exactly would we search?" Jason asked.

"We could have Grover come with us to sniff for Percy?" I volunteered.

"That wouldn't work, or else I would've done that a while ago." Grover replied.

"But you sniffed out the golden fleece when you were looking for Pan, right?" I questioned.

"That's only because satyrs can smell the wild, and anyways, the fleece has a god-like aura that attracts us to them. I can't sniff my way anywhere unless it's the wild I'm searching for."

"Okay, then. What do you guys think we do? We could send out satyrs to Camp Jupiter and have them look around there, but where would we search?" I said.

"Hmmm. We could go to Mt. Olympus and ask the gods to help us out. We've helped them enough, they should help us now," Piper said. She was so silent that I almost forgot about her. As if on cue, someone came bursting through the door, panting similar to how Grover did earlier.

"CHIRON!" A voice screamed. She had blond hair and striking grey eyes similar to mine. She had a splash of freckles on her nose and cheeks. She was about 14 years old. She was a sister of mine; she was a daughter of Athena. She survived on her own for 6 years. Her name was Sadiah. She had her curly hair down over her left shoulder.

"Chiron, did you hear?! Mt. Olympus exploded!" She shrieked.  Wait a minute, what? Mt. Olympus? Exploded? What would be powerful enough to do that? The gods were obviously going to survive it, but what the heck?

Everyone looked at her for any sign of humor to see if she was joking. But unfortunately, she was serious. No one knew how to react.

"Are you serious?!" Chiron was shocked. "Th-this never happened before."

Chiron threw the blanket off his fake legs, and took his fake feet off. He folded the wheelchair's seat, and stood up, revealing his full form. No matter how much times you see his real form, you can't help but be astonished.

"We'll decide on our plans later, right now, we have some other serious matters to attend to," Chiron said sternly. We all got up and followed Chiron outside. He had to duck to get through the doorway. Sadiah followed closely after us.

Once we were outside, we took a look around. Everyone was outside their cabins talking to each other about the explosion.

Chiron stomped his hooves on the ground to grab everyone's attention. Soon enough, all the voices died down. "Attention campers! Do not worry, everything will be taken care of. Continue with your daily activities!" He silenced them. Within a few minutes, the campers continued with their exercises. But they still had worried looks on their faces. I mean, Mt. Olympus exploded! The gods' home, the holy place, it was actually destroyed. They won't be too happy about that.

Just then, a memory hit me. Percy made Mount St. Helens explode. He had that much power. I was sure he would at least give a fight and use that as his last resort. No.....that made no sense. Why would be held captive in Mt. Olympus? Maybe the gods....

But why? Why would they? It could be that they were just scared of Percy. But that was highly unlikely. They're...gods. But there was that chance.

All of a sudden, a dark red light shone so brightly we had to avert our eyes. It appeared right next to Zeus' Fist, next to the jungle near the river. After a few seconds, the light died down. I turned my eyes back to the spot. There stood a tall figure, long dark hair that fell to his eyes. He wore shades with a leather jacket matched with black jeans, Ares.

"Hey, kiddos. You guys want to do this the hard way where I kick your asses or just follow my orders?" Ares said with a smirk planted on his face. I was just about to say something when Chiron put his hand on my shoulder, messaging me to stay silent.

"Ares, what is it that you want? Take what you wish, but you will leave the children out of this," Chiron said with a hard face. "If you wish to fight, I will have no choice but to fight back."

"I'm here to capture Camp Half-Blood," Ares stated with the grin still on his face. He saw Chiron start to reach for his bow. "Don't even think about it, it's Father's orders."

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