Chapter 3- Maybe the Gods...

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Dedicated to Sadiah Ahmed

Hey guys!!! I'm back!! I really gotta stop using exclamation marks. Anyways, this chapter is just continuing where we left off. So.....I don't got anything else to say. I doubt you guys even care what I have to say......I'll just get on with the story.


Annabeth POV

"Chiron, we have some big news. Percy is alive." I stated with no emotions. Even after how many things Chiron has went through, even he looked shocked. Everyone looked at me in wonder, except Grover. He just kept his straight posture nodding at me to continue.

"He contacted Grover through the empathy link they share. H-he said that he might not make it. He was chained a p-p-pole and..." I couldn't do it. My voice cracked and I started to cry. As much as I didn't want to, I broke down again. I was usually the strong one. What has seaweed brain done to me?

"It's okay Annabeth. At least he's alive. And you know Percy, how much times did we think he was going to die? This is no different." Jason said.

"He's right. This is Percy we're talking about. He's been in countless of different life and death situations, and he escaped every single one of them. I don't think we should count him out just yet," Grover added.

"Yeah, your right. W-we should stay strong until he returns," I tried. They were right. It's Percy. He saved the world so many times he could be mistaken for a god. "Grover, it was you he was talking to. Could you please tell them?" I asked. I was kind of begging with my eyes. I couldn't stand talking about him. He nodded and I could tell by his eyes that he got my message.

"So, Percy was chained to a pole and looked like he was elevated high off the ground. The chain was probably celestial bronze. Anyways, he said he couldn't make it and was telling me to tell everybody.....he loves them. He...uh....he...," Grover stopped. I could tell he was also having trouble trying to get Percy's last words out. "He wanted us to just keep moving forward and not let his disappearance affect us."

I, hearing this before, was still affected by this. Did he expect me to just move on? He knew I couldn't just do that, yet he still wanted me to? Once again, I was crying and I didn't realize it. Tears were streaming down my cheeks and I let them fall. I looked around the room to the faces of my friends. It looked like I wasn't the only one crying. Jason's eyes were red and he looked like he hadn't sleept either. Piper had her face in her hands and was shaking. She tried hiding her sobs but it wasn't working. Grover was trying not to cry but was drastically failing. Tears were stinging his eyes and he tried not to show it. His eyes were gradually turning red. I was still crying, why did seaweed brain leave us in this condition? Did he not know how much it hurt us?

I then turned my head to Chiron. His face of shock recovered to his old state; a blank face with a far away look in his eyes. We all remained in comfortable silence with a defeated look on their faces.

This isn't what Percy would've wanted, I thought.

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