A Christmas Short

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*Narrator's pov*
Christmas is the one time of the year when families get together and celebrate something. Not all of us are the same so we end up celebrating different thing, like Hanukkah or Christmas. The point is that this time of the year we have the choice and opportunity to hang around those whom we care about and love. We should rejoice the little times we have with those people, whether they are your friends, parents, family members, or maybe your spouse and children.

//Your pov//
The dawn of a new day, the sun was trying to leak its rays into our room. I yawned and turned to see my loving husband sound asleep,

"Wake up sleepy head" I whispered to him, he smiled but kept his eyes close as if he was waiting for something,

So I gave him a simple peck on the lips.

He opened his emerald green eyes and smiled,

"Mornin'" he said while stretching, we both stood up and walked down to the kitchen. I took out the necessary ingredients to make chocolate chip pancakes. Adrien was waiting for the pancakes, Sebastian was fast asleep, and our future son was safe and sound inside my now swollen stomach.

"So how's daddy's little girl?" Adrien asked as he smirked, I shook my head and laughed.

Soon enough Sebastian came running down the stairs asking for food. As we served the table I remembered something.

We have the Christmas dinner today!

We haven't even thought about what we were going to cook! I finished my breakfast and Adrien washed the dishes, I immediately looked in the fridge and relaxed a little, we had all of the necessary ingredients for the dinner.

--time skip--

All the food was ready and the men of the house were ready too. I went to my room and looked through my clothes, I found this cute long sleeved red dress and some black boots with heels, perfect. I styled my hair into a bun/left it as it is.

 I styled my hair into a bun/left it as it is

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--time skip--

Everyone arrived to the dinner, well more like a party. It was 11:58 pm, almost (Christmas/festivity of your choice) I stood under a door frame looking at the people enjoying their time with their loved ones. Suddenly my husband was standing next to me,

"Merry Christmas mon chaton" he said, I looked at my watch, it read 12:01 am, it December 25! I smiled at Adrien and randomly looked up, there was a mistletoe.

We kissed

And I have to say we had a Prrrfect Christmas!



Hope you guys have a safe day/night. Anyway

PEACE OUT!!!✌🏼✌🏼✌🏼

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