20 / Delivery Boy's Request

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20 / Delivery Boy's Request

"Yes, it's true... we were friends when we were younger," Mom stammered into a sentence. 

Her hazel eyes seemed blank as she spoke. Why was she so hesitant in answering this? Leaning against the kitchen counter, I nodded. I just had to find out as soon as I got home. 

Tilting my head, I inquired, "Mom, why didn't you tell me this? You didn't have to go on pretending you didn't know a Valentino personally."

Scrubbing the dishes clean, she sighed.

"I wasn't pretending, honey. He isn't the same person he was long ago."

Taking the dishes from her hand to the drying rack, I pondered with what she said. Curtis Valentino was really nice from what I could see — compared to his wife. Were we talking about the same person?

Shaking my head from those thoughts, I commented, "It seems like Mr. Valentino still cares about you, Mom."

Once she turned the faucet off, it left the kitchen to silence. Suddenly, a smile grew on her face.

Mom replied, "Sweetie, that was back then. I worry about him sometimes too, but I know he's doing great."

And that was that.

Mom motioned me to go freshen up and get some rest after a day of work. Sighing, I knew she didn't want to be bothered anymore by my questions. This left my mind back to Bryce. Those bouquet of daisies were actually for me. 

Did he know I was going to be at work? 

However, during my whole shift, I didn't bump into any of the Valentino's or Candace. A part of me was sighing in relief. Biting my lower lip, I plopped onto my bed and thought about what Bryce had said.

"I don't want you to push me away though."

The sincerity in his voice and his eyes were making my heart flutter at the memory. These stupid heartstrings Mason had been talking about were tugged badly ever since that moment. 

Closing my eyes briefly, the sound of my cellphone ringing got my attention. I reached over and noticed that Carly had left me a text.

Lockhart, I need your company tomorrow. I want waffles.

                                                     .        .        .


Carly licked her lips in delight once the teenage waiter placed a plate of freshly made waffles with delectable strawberries on top. Her small nose leaned towards the steamy waffles, and she happily stabbed her fork into it, shoving a piece into her mouth.

Watching her in amusement, it was nice seeing the little kid in her appear — she acted so mature, I would forget she was nine. We sat across from each other by the window of Marty's Waffles

Famous for their — you guessed it — waffles.

Sipping on a cup of hazelnut coffee, I questioned, "So, is everything okay, Carly?"

She nodded happily, the syrup of the strawberries running down the side of her lips. 

"I actually thought you and Bryce would have kissed already, but Candace ruined everything! On a light note, everything is going as planned!"

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