Chapter 1: Life As I Know It

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Celestina's P.O.V:

"Werewolves are social animals who tend to live in groups called packs. A pack is led by an Alpha who comes from a family of a long line of Alphas, along with his mate, an alpha female or Luna by his side. The second-in-command will be called a Beta, and in some packs, there will be a co-Beta who share the responsibilities of a Beta or do the Beta duties when the Beta is away. But the co-Beta will only come into picture when the Alpha has more than one son so that when the eldest takes over the Alpha position, the next one will take over Beta and the original Beta will become the co-Beta, then there will be Gamma and delta likewise. The wolves who are not a part of any pack are called rogues, the wolves became rogues mainly because of some crime they commit at their pack or because they don't want to live following pack rules, in both cases rogues are considered dangerous and in most packs the trespassing rogues are executed without trial, but there are some wolves who became rogues out of circumstances, some packs allowed the rogues to confess and plead guilty....", My tutors words drowned in the background as I watched my brothers and my best friend fool around in the backyard of our home through my bedroom window where I was being tutored on werewolf lifestyle.

I was startled by the loud noise as my tutor hit the table with the scale in his hand, "CELESTINA MARY LUCAS! you might be the Alpha's daughter but when I am teaching you something you will listen to me. I will not allow anyone to daydream in my classes", the chubby man yelled at me with his face red as a tomato.

"Sorry sir, but can we wind up today's lesson now?? There is somewhere I really wanted to be..", I asked giving him my best puppy looks, I heard daddy telling mom that it is difficult to say no when I give that face.

"And I know that place is the backyard to fool, around with your brothers." my father, Alpha Lucas of Lunar Spirit Pack, said as he walked into the room.

"Daddy!! you are home!!!", I said throwing myself at him and he caught me with ease and circled me once in the air before placing me down and I giggled like a five-year-old girl. "I missed you so much daddy... next time you are going to the Alpha gathering I am coming too.", I said giving him a pout.

"Haha... We will see about that later young lady... but in order to attend the gather you need to be well versed in our werewolf history", he said making me scowl, making him laugh more.

"I will do that daddy.. but later... Now can I go and play with Abel, Cal, and Mikey??? Please, please... I have been sitting here for around two hours now and now the only face I could remember is master's scowling one", I pleaded with him, whispering the last part so that only we two hear it.

"Hmmm.. you can but only for today",he said with a sigh,I squealed and did a happy dance as my master bowed to my father who is the Alpha and left, before I could exit the room dad called out to me, "Do remember little one.. they are not your playmates anymore, but are grown men getting trained to be Alpha and Beta's, they cannot play around with you like you guys used to do before.",

Running to the backyard I am tackled to the ground by my rowdy brothers and best friend which took me by surprise, the boys were up and running without losing a beat. Laughing at me when I stood up taking my time rubbing my sore ass and shaking my head at them, "These are the future Alpha and Betas of this pack!! God, please be with us." with that thought I ran after them laughing and chasing them around the backyard.

My elder brother Christabel John Lucas is the Future Alpha under training. My second brother Callahan Samuel Lucas is his future Co-Beta under training. Even though the textbooks and rules say that second son of the Alpha to be the next beta in cases where Alpha have more than one male offsprings in our pack it is different, Cal chose to be co-beta instead of beta since he doesn't want to steal the Beta title from Uncle Joshua's family (dad's Beta), but secretly I think it is because he doesn't want to take responsibility as a full Beta on his shoulders. Abel is older to me by seven years and Cal by six years. And I am Celestine Mary Lucas, youngest child of Alpha Lucas and Luna Alexandria Lucas of the Lunar Spirit pack. As the youngest and the only sister to two older brothers and being the Alpha's daughter, I am pampered and heavily protected or we can say overly protected. My parents have a good business running and we are economically well off, but my parents never spoiled me with money, I grew up like every other normal teenage girl with two overprotective brothers and a very possessive best friend.

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