Kate's Worst

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Shane & Kate's Road Trip

one: Pennsylvania - Zachie

There was a knock at my door, "Katie, honey, are you in here?" It was Mom.  

I frowned, "um," I quickly climbed out my bed, nearly knocking my laptop to the ground. "Yeah, hold on!" I called back, grabbing my blue robe with the white bunnies plastered all over them. No matter how many times my mom has changed my diapers, her seeing me in my underwear was totally not cool.  

I swung the door open as soon as the knot of my robe was tied and secured around my waist. 

"Yes mother?" I muttered, somewhat annoyed. It was Saturday morning and I had a party to attend to tonight. Supposively it was going to be the bestest so far (according to Facebook) and I had to get my beauty sleep somewhere, right? 

And Tina Mallory, AKA my mother, was very aware of that.  

It explained her oh-so knowing smirk.  

"I need to go to the grocery store to get some bread, Brendan's over here playing with Zachie and I don't want to leave them alone..." Mom trailed off, narrowing her eyes and daring me to refuse to watch the Pest and his best friend. Something I couldn't do. I mean, my phone would be in stake of being taken away and that was a risk I wasn't willing to take. 

I groaned, "you owe me."  

She beamed, grinning like she won the lotto. "I gave you life, you're the one that owes me. They're watching Spongebob whatever-pants," she waved her hand in a whatever kind of way. "Just check on them every five minutes and make sure the house's still intake." 

I frowned, "how long does it take to grocery shop?" 

Mom cocked a perfectly waxed eyebrow, "you're brother has a black hole for a stomach. Everything he eats disappears into a parallel universe."  

I crinkled my nose up, "whatever. Have fun." I sighed, "I guess I have to get dressed." 

Seeing as I wasn't going to be taking a kitty nap and then proceeding to chill by the pool and read up on celebrity scandals, I might as well.  

"Whose the bestest daughter in the world?" She sang, blowing me a kiss. 

"You're only daughter?" I called after her as she strutted down the hallway wearing a new BCGC dress and Christian Louboutin heels. Totally grocery store attire. 

I huffed and slammed my door.  

And that's how it all started.  

Okay, so Zachie Mallory was my annoying not-needed brother I begged for when I was six. I mean, all my friends had little siblings, so why shouldn't I? Ugh, ten years later and I still want to strangle myself and my parents for spoiling me and giving me what I wanted. At the time. 

I trudged towards my closet and swung the double doors open. I grinned. It rocked having a best-selling author as a Dad and a trust fund baby as a mom. Or a has-been trust fund baby as mom seeing as she was over thirty.  

I grabbed a pair of denim shorts, after checking the weather off my iPhone iOS5 and checking that it was sunny, and a off-the-shoulder shirt I got from Forever XXI. I didn't bother with shoes since I was going to be kicking it inside.  

But before I could even put on said clothes, I heard a banging that I knew I should be worried about. 

"Ugh," I groaned and muttered, "Zachie, you're dead when I get my hands on you."  

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