Chapter four

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As I walked outside cameras were shoved in my face and I held my hands up to shield myself. quickly I ran down the street until I was yanked into a second hand store and a coat was shoved on me along with a wide brimmed beach hat. "shhh!" said ethen's voice as he led me to the changing room.

"Rose I'm sorry, I had no idea" he said quickly and I ran my fingers through my long Snow White hair. "it ok, just be cautious from now on ok?" I replied and he smirked at me. "what?" I asked as he leant again the wall.

"You're worrying about me" he replied and my eyes widened.

I hadn't thought of it in that way. I thought all billionaires were dicks but I've grown to ethen and actually am beginning to think he's a decent guy, wait, no!. he can't be, he's just like the rest!. they use their money and charms to get who ever they want!.

"No, I just don't want people blaming me for your death!" I replied.

" I don't plan on dying any time soon" he said with the cheeky smirk of his still on his face.

"But he will kill you if he,urgh ... why am I even telling you this!." I said and went to walk out but his hand grubbed onto my arm and instantly I froze squeezing my eyes shut and flinching back waiting for thim to msahs my into a wall.

"I'm not going to hurt you, rose. I promise" he whispered softly into my ear and my eyes widened from both shock and disbelief.

"You've been hurt before, haven't you?" he asked with a hint of anger in his voice in which I could tell he was trying to control. Tears instantly swelled up in my eyes and he released me knowing it was true. "I'm sorry" I whimpered before rushing out of the store and down the street to my car i had only just recently gotten.

When I got home I burst out into a crying fit, I cried so hard that my lungs hurt, my cheeks were red, and I had missed my shift at the hardware store completely.

I got up and looked like a mess when I looked at myself in the mirror. my hair looked like a birds nest, my make up was running down my face, my nose was red and my eyes were puffy.

Then my whole body locked up when I could hear Ben calling out my name. the front door swung open and I wanted to run but I was frozen solid. "rose!" he yelled seeming to be really angered and I flinched at his tone.

I wanted to call ethen but couldn't as I'd be dragging him into my own issues.

When the footsteps grew closer the tears fell freely again. when the door to the room I was in swung open, I tried to scream but nothing came out. "given up on hide and seek?. you need to be punished for leaving me!" he snapped as he clenched his hand up into a fist and slammed it across my face and i fell to the floor, I could tell he had split my lip as I could feel a cut in my lip and I could taste the metalic blood in my mouth.

Next he grabbed my hair and held me up as he slammed his knee into my guts twice before releasing his grip and kicking me so I slid against the tiled floor and stopped when my back smashed into the wall.

Then he walked over to me and picked me up by the arm them slammed me into the bedside table, picked me up again and punched me on the cheekbone. i heard a loud crack followed by a serge of pain as he smashed his foot into my ribs.

next he grabbed the lamp on my bed side table and threw it at me, smashing on my hip sending shards of glass into my flesh and i could definately tell it was going to leave a bruise. i wanted to scream but all that came out was a small croak making him laugh at my attempt whilst he held me up against the wall with a tight grip around my throat before he heard the police sirens. "this isn't finished!" he snapped before fleeing from the scene and I laid on the ground crying. 

I thanked The Lord that the next door neighbour had called the police as I was afraid he might of had not stopped.

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