Dangerous? We'll see bout that (naruto fan fiction)

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Name: Ai Torayama

Age: 14

Gender: Female

Rank: S

Afflation: Konohagakure

Kekkei Genkai?: Yes

Other: Dangerous and to be approached with extreme caution, If encountered notify ANBU immediately.


I'm 14 years old and am classified as a S-ranked criminal. What did I do wrong? Well Danzo and the council feared me. So they sent me to go infiltrate the Akatsuki. Talk about wimps. The thing is they didn't expect me to come back alive. I trained under them for half a year, so I could fill out the missing information on them in the bingo books. Mission success. But they were scary, and to tell the truth, I've heard enough about art, money, and some fake god to last me a life time.

I also think I've heard enough perverted comments to last me awhile. So when I escaped the Akatsuki, the council somehow found out, and they put me in the bingo books... yeah that's my entry above. Pretty sweet right? They said I'm the youngest person to ever be classified as an S-ranked, So I feel special ;)

The ANBU dragged me back to Konoha kicking and screamin', and dropped me off at the Hokage's office. He placed me on team 7 with three genin and a jounin. The dudes name is Hatake Kakashi. I think he was one of the ANBU people who literally drug me back here... Yeah I don't think he likes me that much. But the hokage said I was put on his team so he could keep an eye on me.

I mean seriously If I wanted to run.... I would have been long gone by now. He should be happy that I accurately filled out half the bingo book for him.. Old people are soooo ungrateful these days... I'm tellin' ya. Oh I'm also not allowed within a hundred feet of the council building or the council.....

Any ways that's how I ended up on team 7, with the emo, the stalker, and the fox kid. Now time to tell about all the hell I'm gonna give them.


Me: Yeah sooo I don't own Naruto, If I did that would be sooo chill, and I would soo give Sakura an attitude adjustment. I only own Ai.

Ai: No you don't.... I ride freakin solo! Nobody owns me!!!!!!

Me: Any ways...... back to the story!


"So tell me about your selves."Kakashi asked propping his head on the palm of his hand. "How about you." He said pointing towards me. "I bet you've already read all about me." I said rolling my eyes. "But if you hold on a second, I'll find my book." I said holding up one finger with one hand, and using my free hand to search through my bag.

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