Chapter 1

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I ran as fast as my legs could carry me. I was terrified. Terrified to death. I was being chased by a pack of wild wolves. I had no idea why I was being chased, but all I knew is that I had to keep running. So I did.

I could hear the wolves growling viciously behind me, their claws digging into the dirt as they kept up with my pace. I push myself faster, my lungs burning with every breath that I took. I had to keep going. I had to get away.

Suddenly, my foot slipped, and I tumbled to the floor. I felt my strawberry blonde hair tangle with one of the tree branches. Shit! That hurt! Then I heard the vicious growls from over my head. I was screwed.

My turquoise eyes fluttered open, and I found myself staring into three pairs of wild eyes. One was green, one was Violet, and the other was a brilliant ruby red. The wolves were huge. One was brown, one was Gray, and the other was black.

I tried to haul myself up, but I was too weak. I couldn't move. Then I felt blood begin to rush from a gash on my four head. Great. Not only was I stock, I was bleeding. And about to be wolf ciao.

The nearest wolf to me, the black one, beared her teeth in a vicious snarl. She bent forward, flew forward toward my face... and was tackled to the floor.

As I began to focus my eyes on who had attacked her, I felt my heart splitter in my chest and my mouth Drop open with shock.

The female wolf in front of me was absolutely beautiful. Her Furrer was a glittering diamond white. Her body was hunched and raised protectively. She was bigger than the other three, about two times as big. Her body was muscular. She was gorgeous.

Then I saw her turn her massive head towards me, her teeth exposed... And my eyes widened with pure wonder. Her eyes were of glittering winter blue, and were staring into my soul.


There she was... My soulmate. It was her. I knew it. Percent was intoxicating. A beautiful mixture of roses and cinnamon. I knew it was her. I could tell she was scared, but not of me, of the wolves behind me.

I turned my attention back to Rachel, Lexi, and Amber as I snarled.

Lexi, the smaller dark gray wolf, took a step forward. Her violet eyes flashed with rage. She snarled.

I snarled right back at her, making it very clear that the young girl behind me was mine and not hers. I gave Rachel and Amber the same warning look, making sure that they kept their distance.

They all growled before giving up and disappearing into the forest.

Shaking out my fur, I turned my attention back to the girl, percent all the more intoxicating. I noticed that her forehead was bleeding very badly.


Her winter blue eyes focused on me once more, their expression concerned. I couldn't move. I was paralyzed with anticipation and a bit of fear. I had a feeling she wouldn't hurt me, but there were still a possibility. She was a wolf.

She came a step closer, her eyes becoming soft. After a bit of hesitation, she came even closer, her nose twitching. I watched as she came directly up against my forehead, and pressed her cheek against it.

My eyes closed as I felt her soft velvet for press against my skin. Then I gasped as her ice cold tongue slid carefully across my wound. I stayed very still, letting her clean it. Then... There was nothing. No pain. No discomfort. No blood.

Slowly, I placed a hand against my forehead, and felt nothing. Not even a scar. I looked at the wolf before me, stunned. She had healed me. Very slowly, so as not to scare her, I extended a hand, my eyes locked with hers. Hey.

She came forward, her beautiful and magnificent blue eyes still locked with mine, and laid her chin gently into my palm. She purred softly.

With a smile on my face, I stroked her chin, marveling at how soft and velvet her fur was. She was so beautiful. Thank you.

She purred again, letting her nose rub against my thumb.

The wind picked up and I shivered. I forgot that my jacket had been left in my car when I had come out here for a bit of studying. Great.

Sensing that I was freezing, the wolf curled protectively against my chest. Her fur was very warm. And very soft. It was perfect.

I stroked the top of her head, the smile still on my face. Thank you. That helps.

The wolf nodded.


I curled up against her, making sure that she was warm. I nuzzled my nose against her neck, feeling her fingers caress the top of my head. She was perfect. She was beautiful. And she was mine.

After a while, we got to our feet, and headed out of the forest. I watched as she got into her Carr and began to drive to her apartment. I followed her, making sure she got home safely.

When we arrived, I watched her get out of her car, close the door, and turned to face me. Her turquoise eyes shimmered in the moonlight. She smiled gently, kneeling down so that we were at level with each other.

Instantly, I stepped forward and rub my nose against your cheek.

She smiled. You're so beautiful. Thank you again for saving my life. Then she took me by surprise and kissed the bridge of my nose. Then my four head. Then she got to her feet, turn, took out her apartment keys, unlock her door, gave me a smile and a wave, and disappeared.

My heart palpitating in my chest, I gave a quiet Howell, turned onto my heel, and raced back into the forest for a good nights peaceful sleep. I had found her, my soulmate. My forever. My love. And I would finally get to speak with her tomorrow.

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