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Skin against skin, silk against steel. The pulling and pushing between two unrequited forces, both equally ferocious. 

Soft lips traced the outline of supple skin, dragging against hot flesh. Teeth playfully gnawed at shoulder, assaulting the small junction of excess skin. 

Large hands slid over her figure, holding and providing protection. The cup of his hand found the convex of her body.

 Fingers slid and gripped plump curves. Nails ripped and fingers tugged, longing to do anything in the intense heat. 

Bodies rocked together, back and forth, at a steady rugged pace. Sparks flew from friction, and guttural sounds emerged from the pair.

Hips rolled and whispers, groans, and heat filled the air, clouding throughout the dark room. 

Building sensations, never ending nerves, whimpers, all led to the climax. A slow but torturous burn, that filled it way throughout her body. 

Carnal instinct and desire took flight in her iris, and she longed for more of what he was giving her.  

Assaulting her sensitivity, dominating her, and pulling her under. 

But as soon as it was there it was gone. Replaced by a much worse state.



My eyes didn't flutter open, like they do in disney princess movies, no, my eyes shot open. Well as fast as they could, despite the heavy feeling. The heavy feeling that was currently taking host in my body, arousing heat in places heat should not be.

Without having to look down, I could sense that my clothes were soaked. Half of it sticking to me, the rest drooping. As a matter of fact, if I squeezed my tank top right now, I would have no doubt a glass worth of sweat would show.

I gripped the sheets, trying to push them off of my body as quickly as possible. But in all my haste, I ended up falling out of the bed, landing in the fabric I was so  desperately trying to get out of. 

I dragged my self away from the bed, and gripped the side table, using it as weight to stand. Want and desire filled my body to the brim, and my vision started to go slight. There wasn't much to see in the dark, and all I could make out was the shining blue of the digital clock. Even with my vision, I was able to see it was somewhere around three am in the morning.

I groaned, not understanding what was happening to my body. Why it was so sensitive to touch, or why my core was a light. Why was the need to touch somebody was so prevalent in my thoughts.

I had no idea.

And it was driving myself absolutely crazy. I felt my legs go weak, needing to sit down, so I searched for a chair by putting a hand behind me and feeling. I finally sat in one, and recollected my thoughts. 

But before I could even think, I felt another urge. My legs felt as if the had never been stronger, and it was like a supernatural force was drawing me out of my room. Without even meaning it, my eyesight kept directing itself towards the tempting door. 

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