Welcome Home Drew

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10:00 am

''Ace do I look a little bigger  to you?'' I said looking in his full body mirror with my all black panty and bra set on.

''Nah , baby you look the same fine ass ever.''He said kissing my neck and gripping my waist.

''Ace , I think you lying to me. I feel at least 3 or 4 pounds heavier.'' I said rubbing my stomach.

''Baby chill a little extra weight never hurt nobody.''He said laughing little did he know he just set his self up for failure. With me being pregnant one of the first things I thought about was weight gain and me blowing up like a whale was gonna kill me.

I smacked my lips. ''Really Ace? Why would you say that?''I said getting slight teary eyed
I don't know what it was , but that really set me off when he said that bull shit. Like I was saying with  a baby growing in my stomach for 9 months my looks always came across my mind, I don't wanna ruin my body and what if I can never get my shape back? The agony.

''Alexis I was just playing baby.''He said continuing to hold my waist.

''No you weren't Ace you just called me fat.''I removing his hands from me and walking away from him.

''Alexis yes I was, you'll always be beautiful to me no matter what and the fact that your carrying our baby just makes me even more attracted to you. I don't care how big you get I'll always want and love you.'' He said grabbing my arm.

''Awww Ace, I love you so much baby.''I said hugging him.

''I love you too shorty. I love the both of y'all.''He said kissing my stomach causing me to smile.

''You just gotta chill with these damn hormones damn, I can't be dealing with this shit.''He mumbled.

''What you say Ace?''I said not hearing him that clearly.

''Nothing baby.''He said continuing to hug me.

''Okay now move so I can I get dressed.''I said pushing his chest softly.

''But I like what you got on now.'' He said grabbing my ass.

''Don't start Ace and plus I'm already mad at you for not giving me any last night. You don't tell a pregnant girl no okay.'' I said rolling my eyes.

''My fault, but how bout I give you some right now.''He said picking me up from the ground dropping his hands straight to my ass.

''What if I don't want it right now.'' I said laughing.

He smacked his lips '' You always want it.''He said laying me on the bed and sliding off my panties. My eyes was full of lust he was right I always wanted it especially since I'm pregnant. It's okay because I read that it's totally fine to have sex while your pregnant which was a breath of fresh air for me.

We couldn't go past 4-5 days without having sex, That's why wee in the predicament that were in now. I didn't mind it though as long as Ace was happy I was happy that's my mood for life. The thought of a baby still leaves me wondering, but overall I'm very excited to experience with the love of my life.

I called Eva last night and broke the news to her that I won't be able to go to New Orleans because I was pregnant, she was understanding though and congratulated me. Me and her will continue to run our store together, but while she'll be away in New Orleans I'll be managing the store down here myself. I know it'll take some time to adjust to, but I'm sure I can handle it with the help of my lovely staff.

My thoughts became blurred once I felt Ace's warm mouth on my jewel, I closed my eyes as I let him please me in each and every way. My hands rested in his hair while I started to moan some. Once he left me satisfied with his mouth it was time to feel all of him inside of me. As he entered my body I immediately gasped, There's no better feeling then having the man that you you love to dick you down on the regular. With every stroke he hit me with made my toes curl and my jewel soaking. Many moans escaped my mouth and before I knew it I was dripping all over him.

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