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In honor I decided to write a larry Christmas fic. To let you all know I have no clue how the marketing companies work so just go with it. Have a Merry Christmas and Happy new Year for those who celebrate it. Btw this is my first time writing Third person hope i did it ok.

Third person pov:

"Please Louis." Harry begged for the millionth time.

Harry has been bugging Louis for the last six months about wanting a kitten but every time Louis has said no because they are alot to take care of and shed all over the place but what Harry doesn't know is that Louis is actually taking him to the pet adoption place after work today.

"No Harry there to much of a responsibility and we work unreasonable hours."

"I only work five hours so that's bull." Harry fought back fuming angrily.

Louis felt horrible lying to Harry but he wanted it to be a surprise when he brings the love of his life to the agency.

"Love, please don't me mad at me, it's Christmas eve." Louis says softly.

"Well merry Christmas eve to me." Harry says glumly.

"I"ll see you at four when I get off." Louis says giving Harry a kiss on the forehead.

"I don't understand why your even working on Christmas eve." He pointed out.

"Because Simon wants me to finish this account before the first." Louis explains

Louis works for a CEO company called Cowell associates and he was head of his marketing company and he loved it and it paid well and if it wasn't for this job they wouldn't be living in there beautiful home right now.

"Love you, see you at four." Louis says and walks out the door.

He reaches the company in no time and walks in being greeted

"Good afternoon  Mr. Tomlinson here is the rest of your folders and Mr. Cowell wanted me to let you know he won't be in today." She explains.

"Okay thank you Danielle." Louis says politely and leaves to his office.

Louis was busy working on the account for a Mr. Payne when Danielle came in.

"Can I help you with something Danielle?" He asks.

"Yes, your husband is on line 2." She replies.

"Ok thank you." Louis says as Danielle nodded and walked out.

Louis answered Harry's call wondering what his husband wanted.

"Hey love, you okay?" Louis asked his husband concerned.

"I'm alright Lou, I just wanted to let you know I had to go in to work for a few hours some orders got messed up and I have to fix them so if you got home before me I didn't want you to worry." Harry explains knowing his husband always worried about him.

"Okay I hope you are home by 4 I.have a surprise for you." Louis admitted.

"Really? What is it?" Harry asked coyly.

"Nice try you'll find out in an hour." Louis says laughing.

"Okay love you Lou."

"Love you too, bye." Louis hung up and got back to work

Four was nearing and Louis finally got done with the account.He emailed the information to Mr Cowell and sat back and sighed in relief.Now it was time to see if Harry was at home.

Louis put his coat, beanie and gloves on.He shut the light off to his office and walked out but greeted Danielle on the way out.

"Have a Merry Christmas? Mr. Tomlinson." Danielle greeted.

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