Weapons and Wands, Percy Jackson Vs. Carter Kane

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Percy Jackson vs. Carter Kane

Chapter one


I sat alone in cabin three. I was exhausted from another day in the woods. Annabeth had taken me in there to slay some monsters and we had gotten ambushed by Mrs. O'Leary and Connor Stoll, just another day in camp. For once I understood what Annabeth felt like before she went with me on the quest to save the bolt. She trained every day all day just hoping for a little adventure or some excitement. One summer had past since our fight with Kronos. I was nearing the end of my first ever boring year at camp. I couldn't stand it. I walked out of my cabin and into the Pegasus stables. Blackjack was in there eating out of a pail of oats.

"Hey Blackjack." I said.

Blackjack whinnied and said in my head. "Boss! What happened? Why didn't we go anywhere this summer?"

"Well, now is our chance for some adventure before I have to leave." I said opening Blackjacks gate.

"No way! You really mean it boss?" Blackjack asked.

"Of course." I said. I led Blackjack out of the stables and got on his back. "Come on." I whispered into his ear.

Blackjack took off into the sky. We circled a couple times before leaving. We flew towardManhattanat first and circled the empire state building. It felt so good to fly with Blackjack again. Then we flew towardsBrooklyn. I don't know why. It just felt right. A voice in the back of my mind said that I would find adventure there. We flew overBrooklynwhen there was a sudden jolt. Blackjack fell through the air. I did the only thing I could at the moment, I screamed my head off.

We spiraled through the air until we landed with a sickening thud on the rood of a warehouse. No it wasn't a warehouse it looked like a mansion built on top of a warehouse. I staged to my feet and then collapsed next to Blackjack. We were both breathing hard. Then I heard voices below me, then the pounding of feet up stairs.

A boy appeared in the dim light of the setting sun. He was around my age, with curly brown hair and brown eyes. He stared at me for a moment then disappeared into the stairwell. Two female voices started to ague with the boy. One was an adult the other a girl maybe thirteen. Then a girl appeared. She had blonde hair with purple streaks in her hair. She wore combat boots and a leather jacket. She looked around twelve, thirteen maybe. I stared at her, and then grabbed my pen.

This wasn't right. I could feel power emanating from this girl, Strong harsh power. I shuttered involuntarily. There was something about her that made me think that I wasn't supposed to be here.

"Come inside." She said. It was an order not an invitation.

I did the smart thing. I followed her to the stairwell and climbed down it. At the bottom were the boy I had seen earlier and a young woman in a leopard print jumpsuit. She and Mr. D would go perfect together. I thought. The three of them led me down a hall and down a flight of stairs. They took me out onto a terrace were a bunch of kids sat eating and drinking. There was a pool on the terrace with a...a...was that an albino crocodile? Great they were going to feed me to a crocodile.

"Show us your djed." The girl said holding out her hand. I stared at her blankly.

"Ummm," I said.

The girl rolled her eyes. "Your amulet? Your calling card?" She said with irritation.

I stared at her blankly some more.

The girl sighed with agitation. "I give up." She said.

"Where am I?" I asked. All the kids at the table laughed.

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