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Pen Your Pride

$ The Stripper $ Chapter 40 & I'm lost without you.

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$ The Stripper $

& Chapter 40 &

 - I'm lost without you -

Irony's P.O.V

That boy was going to get it! I thought as I drove fast through the city jam. I squeezed the steering wheel feeling extremely mad at him. How could he? That stupid Raidon! Alyssa had come home all wet and cried herself to sleep. Even though, Brandon had managed to distract her for a while, when she came home she broke into tears and I had to soothe her until she ran out of tears and fell asleep.

That bastard!

How could he do this? She was carrying his freaking baby for God sakes! A baby that was inside her because of his stupid failure of anti conceptive in the first place. She had trusted him about their safety. Oh but he was going to get it now. Alyssa was like my sister, she was family. You mess with my family and you mess with me. I pressed my horn hard as I dodged many cars.

"You crazy bitch!" I heard a driver scream at me. I took my hand out of the window and gave him my finger.

"Take that, jerk!" I replied and got my hands on the steering wheel again. I still didn't know how I had managed to convince Alex to lend me his car. He had refused very fiercely at the beginning, he probably thought I was a bad driver and he was actually right about that. I followed the address; Amanda had given it to me innocently. She had no idea of my evil plans.

When I spotted the big building, I sank my foot deep in the brakes causing the car to stop abruptly. I almost slammed my head against the steering wheel. I got out of the car and ran towards the entry. A guard walked to me.

"Miss, you cannot park there, this is-"

"Oh bite me," I gave him my finger and ran past him.

"Miss!" he was soon left behind. I entered the building and the receptionist got up her chair shocked.

"Miss?" she asked as she was waiting for me to explain her something.

"I'm looking for Raidon," I stated glancing at the elevator.

"Do you have an appointment?" she asked faking a smile.

"Stop her!" The guard appeared getting everyone's attention. I saw another two guards coming towards me. Uh-oh, I ran fast towards the elevator, clenching my fists at my sides.

I can do this I said inside my head. When the first guard tried to grab me, I punched him hard on the face.

"Ow!" I said shaking my hand, my knuckles hurting. The other guard held me by my shoulders and I lifted my leg kicking him where the sun doesn't shine.

"Ah!" he fell to the ground, writhing in pain. I smirked; I had learnt so many things in the streets. you had to know how to fight and defend yourself if you wanted to survive. I jumped over the guards and got inside the elevator. There was an old lady inside, she screamed as I pressed the button to close the door. I was breathing heavily, my fingers were throbbing painfully. Damn, that guard had a hard face. I shook my hand trying to calm the pain.

"What are you doing?" The old lady asked shocked "Let me out!" I rolled my eyes.

"I'm not going to hurt you,"

"I don't believe you, I saw the way you knocked those guards down,"

"I just need to talk to the owner of this company,"

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