You're A Bad Father

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Please don't take this personal
But you ain't shit
And you weren't special
Til I made you so
You better act like you know
That I've been through worse than you
I just can't keep running away
I don't need you , but I want you
I don't mean to, but I love you
Jhene Aiko - The Worst </3

* * *

Chapter Twenty - You're A Bad Father

"You need to focus on your son." Erin smiled.

"Our son." I turned my head. Damien walked up to us. He grabbed me and pulled me to his side. "I'm Damien, Gabriella's boyfriend. Who are you?" Damien glared at Erin and Erin glared right back.

"Damien?" I looked up at him and whispered. He didn't say anything. Damien kept staring at Erin.

"I'm Erin." Erin smiled. I cleared my throat, but they still didn't pay attention.

"I always thought that was a nice name for a girl." Damien smiled right back, but anyone could tell it was fake.

Did he really just say that? I don't see this going anywhere but disaster.

"This one is a funny one. Where did you find... him." Erin sounded so disgusted when he said "him."

"We're actually high school sweethearts. Where did you find tha- I mean Erin." Damien looked down at me and smiled. I looked up at him and glared.

"We actually met at her other job. I saw this beautiful girl, and I had to talk to her. We had coffee and I saw her the next day at this job. We went on a date later. It was really nice. Gabriella is a really good dancer. She get's into it." Erin looked at me and winked. I could feel Damien's hand squeezing my side.

Someone didn't like that.

"I would know, we dated in high school." Damien glared at him. Erin chuckled and looked down at the ground.

"Doesn't sound too serious if you left her. Why exactly are you back?" Erin looked at Damien and cocked his head to the side. Damien looked down at me. I'm definitely going to get it later. Why are they going at it like this? Over me? I'm no one.

"I don't really think it's any of your fucking business." Damien snapped.

"Whoa man! I was just asking. I just think you're stupid for leaving this beautiful girl and she did kind of tell me about you. It's not my fault that she wanted to tell me. Maybe you should have been there and we wouldn't be having this conversation." Erin shrugged. What the fuck is wrong with Erin? Why is he bringing this shit up?

"Let's go, Gabriella. Aiden is in the car." Damien grabbed my arm and started pulling me away.

"You left him in the car? Wow. Maybe we can go out again, Gabriella!" Erin called out. Damien stopped and turned around. Aw, fuck!

"Damien, let's go!" I tried to pull him away.

"You stay the fuck away from my girlfriend." Damien raised his voice. Erin started laughing.

"What? She'll probably come to me anyway after you fuck up again." Erin winked. Damien pushed me away and walked up to Erin.

"You want to say that again bitch?" Damien got in Erin's face.

"Don't you ever fucking push her again!" Erin yelled. What the hell is going on? How did this even fucking start! I really need to stop this.
I ran over to Damien and tried to pull him back. He was too big and heavy. What the hell does this man eat?

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