Note: Hey Lovely Readers! Just to give you all a heads up, this story will be having a new cover soon. So stay tuned! ;D Also there will be different characters P.O.V in this story, so don't get confused, I'm writing all of the P.O.V's in the story. To all of you who don't know who I am, my name is Danielle, but call me Dani! :D.x Now onward to the chapter! 

-Kendal's P.O.V-

I felt a hand on my waist, pulling me close to them. Woah. I opened my eyes slowly, to see Harry's face close to mine. I smiled softly at him, he looked so peaceful when he was sleeping. So perfect. So I'm guessing we both feel asleep on the sand. I love having my head on his chest, I can hear his heart beat, it's so relaxing to listen to. Harry started to open his eyes. His emerald eyes landed on my eyes. He smiled at me, and I couldn't help but smile back as well.

"Hello sleeping beauty." I joked.

He laughed, and said  cheekily "Well Kendal, I'm not the sleeping beauty here. You are. I'm your knight in shining armour." Adding a wink in the end.

I blushed at the thought of him being my knight in shining armour, if only it could happen in real life. But it wont because of Emily. I hate her, she makes my life a living hell. She treats me like I'm a nobody, like I'm a stupid or something. Well I've got news for her, I ain't stupid. She'll find that out soon, when Harry finds out that she's been using him all along, she'll be sorry. I'm tired of her getting away with all this shit, I won't let her. I'm going to tell Harry wether he believes me or not. 

I'll take the risk of getting hurt, for Harry. He deserves to know the whole damn truth about Emily. He doesn't deserve her. He deserves the best, and that's why I'm here. 

"Kendal! Hello?" Harry said, trying to catch my attention.

I recolletected myself and replied. "Oh, sorry Haz just dozed off a bit there."

'It's fine Kendal! We should proably get up now." He said.

I was a bit sad, I liked the feeling of his arms wrapped around me. "Right." I said. We both got up. 

I looked around the bondfire to only see that there was only eight of us. Where was Dani and Zayn? 

"Hey Amber!" I called out from across the bondfire.

She was having a conversation with Louis, she turned her head to me. 

"Yes Kendal?" She asked, slightly annoyed proably because I interuppted her convo with Louis. My bad, I'm going to apoligize later.

"Do you know where Dani and Zayn are?" I asked.

"Dani went inside to get a hoddie because she was feeling cold, and Zayn I have no clue where he went. Although Dani should be back by now, it doesn't take an hour to chose a hoddie and walk back here." She said.

Weird. She was right, it doesn't take an hour to find a hoddie and walk back here. Since, the bondfire was right infront of the beach house we rented. Something must have happened. Dani wasn't back yet, and Zayn was MIA.

But then suddenly I hear two voices laughing. The eight of us noticed, we all turned our heads to see Dani and Zayn walking to the bondfire.... HOLDING HANDS! Okay, now I'm sure something was up. The eight of us stared at them weirdly.

-Danielle's P.O.V-

Okay this is akaward. Everyone is staring at Zayn and I like they haven't seen us in a million years or something. Proably because the two of us were holding hands. Well, it's about time? Man this was not going to be easy. 

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