Pride and Joy

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Triggers: more foreshadowing, Christmas movie references, Jefferson's tomfuckery again, going outside in aftermath of blizzard, fights, swearing, cannibalism mention, gore mention, murder plans, cancer

(Y/n POV)
I love the Christmas season very very much. The atmosphere in the city was energetic and everywhere I went there was music playing and people wishing my happy holidays. Today was two days after the blizzard. It was snowing lightly again, so I had the six men put on their coats and various unisex hats and gloves.
"Where are we going?" Hamilton asked me.
"Oh, I'm gonna take you all to Central Park down the road. We're gonna do random childish crap in the snow." I smirked.
When we arrived at the park, I expected to find a lot less people. Turns out many families had the same idea as I had. There were people building snowmen and having snow ball fights.
"Bleh, other humans..." f/n groaned. "Let's go over into the trees where it's quieter."
I nodded, turning around to find Alexander and Lafayette dumping snow down Jefferson's coat. He screamed and hissed at the cold, "Why are you so childish?!"
Mulligan fell back into the snow, sinking about an inch in and laying there. The tree above him shook and dropped a massive wad of icy snow on his face. He coughed and swat it off. "Cold, cold, cold..."
Laurens was lucky enough to find three abandoned sleds, red with foam rimming. Two people could easily fit in one. "What are these?"
"Good find, John! They're sleds, but you kinda just race down hills with them." I took on and sat it at the top of a rather steep hill. Not too steep, but I'll fly down really fast. I sat down and pat the spot for someone else. "Someone. Burr."
"Uh, okay?" He narrowed his eyes and sat on the back of the sled. I took the reigns into my gloved hands and scooted us forward until we started inching faster down the incline. Burr's fingers gripped onto the fabric of my jacket and he let out a sound of utter distress and fear as we sped down at highway speeds.
I laughed happily as we skidded to a stop.
"Don't ever make me do that again!" Burr shivered.
"Oh lighten up, Burr." I helped him up off the sled.
I heard happy laughing coming from the hill. I looked up and saw that F/N had squeezed onto a sled with Jefferson and Alex. It was quite obvious that Jefferson and Alexander were both trying to push each other off the sled. They skidded to a stop and Alexander fell off and rolled a few extra feet, face planting into the snow.
"If murder was legal Jefferson would have died sooner." He muttered as he got up.
In came Lafayette rolling down the hill, practically wrapped in sheets of snow. He raised his hand when he stopped at the bottom and shouted, "CASSE TOI LAURENS AND MULLIGAN."
Then after him came the two hysterical others. They hit a "ramp" and crashed into a tree. The front of the sled was broken, of course.
"Goddamn that felt amazing!" Laurens laughed as he rolled off the sled.
F/n was suddenly struck in the side of the head with a massive iced snowball. "What the fuck?! That was ice!"
I was hit with one from a different direction, making me wince and whip around. It hit me pretty hard. There were three men who came walking down the path.
"Uh, Y/n..." Mulligan pointed to them.
"Um...excuse us... Do you happen to have any money? We got mugged and we need money to get a cab back up to Harlem..."
The men were noticeably shabby and one had a scar across his eye.
To avoid unneeded creepy interaction, I already had the twenty in my hand. "Here."
The middle one smiled and took it. "Thanks for your generosity..." they began walking towards the park entrance, "Happy Holidays."
After they were out of earshot, F/n sighed. "Thank god, I thought they were gonna mug us."
"Why did you give those three deadbeats money?" Jefferson asked in a rather pompous voice.
"Because it was the right thing to do." I shot back.
"Psh...they looked like the type of men who'd use all their money on prostitution..." he muttered.
"Oh don't act like you didn't, Jefferson. I saw you go into that brothel on your way home from work." Alexander smirked and looked at Thomas dead in the eyes.
Thomas blushed and shoved Alexander. "Don't talk about that! Your fault! Your fault! You stressed me out a lot. And says the one who cheated on his wife."
Now Alexander looked angry. "Says the slave owner who used his daughter's seamstress Sally Hemings for-"
"GENTLEMEN!" Burr addressed. "Calm down."
They sunk back and flared at one another. No doubt that last line angered Jefferson. Everyone knows what he did to his slave... I guess it angers him to think about it.
After a few seconds of silence, Lafayette looked back in the direction in which the three men had walked. "I don't like them."
"It's okay, Lafayette, we'll never see them again." F/n said.
He nodded and shrugged.
Yeah, there's like 8 million people in Manhattan alone, so we'll never see them again.
(Unknown POV)
We took the cab home. Just like we said we'd do. We looked around as we walked into the alley and climbed the fire escape.
"Yo boss... We found her.." Ron, the one to my left with the scar on his eye called out into the dark, cold room.
The light turned on to reveal our boss.
"Where is she now?" He asked.
"Central Park. She's with F/n and six others who I don't recognize." I said.
"Perfect. I want you three to keep track of her all over the city. Follow her. Watch her purchases. If we're going to make her the big tenth victim she needs to go out. Alone. None of those ignorant friends of hers can be there. Even if we have to kidnap them, drug them or throw them into the Hudson, we'll make Y/n... oh my precious Y/n be the tenth meal. Oh I bet she's delicious. Well, now I'm gonna go take the third."
(Y/n POV)
We ate dinner and sat down to watch the news, Burr standing with me as I decorated the tree.
"The Midtown Sadist becomes the Midtown cannibal. Yes, autopsies have revealed that the killer had taken pieces of the corpses for later consumption..."
"Eh, gross..." F/n gagged.
"Cannibal...? What the fuck..." Mulligan covered his moth and looked away. "That's fucking disgusting."
"Great they show this news around Christmas." I rolled my eyes.
Have a holly jolly Christmas... it's the best time of the year....
"Only a week. Just a week and you guys get to meet my pride and my joy." I said. They all looked at me confused.
"You're a mother?" Burr uttered questioningly.
I laughed loudly, "No, no, no! My little sister! Her name is Jodie! She's staying here for a month until school goes back into session in late January."
"Oh, how old is she?" Laurens asked.
"She's thirteen. She's the strongest person I know too." I reached up to the shelf holding various family photos. "She had cancer a few years ago, but she overcame it and kicked its sorry ass."
I showed them a picture of the little girl with me. She had beautiful hair, braided the same color as mine. It was a wig. I had cut off most of my hair and donated it for her to have a wig. That was three Christmases ago.
"Whoa your hair is so short here." Mulligan looked back at my hair in both the photo and my hair now.
"It's been three years. She still wears the wig..." I chuckled and kissed the photo. I put it back up on the wall.
See ya in seven days Jodie.

(A/n: the actual Christmas chapter will be out tomorrow or maybe later tonight. Depends how I'm feeling. Happy holidays dear readers)

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