Chapter 1: waking up

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Lily Evans Potter's eyes flew open. To find herself in closed in a small wooden box. What's going on? Where's James? Harry? Frantic Lily started trying to shove open then she found her wand and the lid of Lily Evans Potter's coffin went flying high with tons of dirt still on top.

"Lilypad?" "Prongs!" Standing up Lilly smiled in relief at the sight of her husband. "Come on lillypad," James said helping her out. Into the graveyard of Godric's Hollow which was covered in snow.

"James! Where -- where's Harry?" Lilly started shivering. "Dunno . . ." James said looking around and realization finally hit home. "Lills, aren't we -- uh supposed to be dead?" Lilly stated at her husband only to find him looking at something else. When she'd turned around what met her eyes shocked her. "No . . ."


I was plesently enjoying a nap when Professor McGonagall came rushing in. "Albus" she said clutching a stitch in her side. "Minerva, what brings you her--" "Albus . . . they're -- the Potter's -- they're alive!"

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