Chapter Eighteen» His Longing

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A wavering silence fell on us. Leaving everyone speechless, unable to say anything. As they stared in shocked, looking at Nazeen, who sported an innocent look. Embarrassment swept through Gul Jaans face, as she looked outside. Staring at her husband who was busy talking to the drivers.

Nervousness consumed me, as I stared at Ammar, seeing fury sweep his features, his hands turned in to fists; when a clearance of throat reached my ears. Making us all look up.

"No, there's no need. Ammar you stay with sister Aazeen and, Al-Ahmadi isn't six hours away Nazeen, it's only Forty-Five minutes away. Depending on traffic. I'll drop you all off and come back. I need to sort some stuff out with Ammar " Hussain spoke, glancing between his siblings as a disgusted look plastered Nazeens features, making her raise her eyebrows, in a mocking manner.

Hussain glared at the woman, before turning towards Ammar. Who seemed to visibly relax as the brothers exchanged a whisper amongst themselves. Turning towards Gul Jaan, I could see the woman give me a soft smile as I spoke, looking at her.

" Aunty, why didn't you mention you were coming today. I would have prepared the food. Please stay for the night, it's getting late." I whispered to Gul Jaan seeing the woman cup my cheek lovingly before speaking.

" We tried Ammar's phone, but it was off. Originally we were going to come next week but your Uncle Hamad got called in early at his work, and the girls university will be starting soon" she spoke in Pashto, making me nod, as we both glanced at Uncle Hamad coming inside.

Clearing my throat, I spoke causing all eyes to land on me, as I glanced at the elderly man before me.
" Uncle Hamad please stay the night. It's getting pretty late and you all must be very tired. I'll get the food prepared" I said, causing him to look at Gul Jaan before glancing at his watch.

Helen approached her dad as well, begging him to stay as he chuckled, patting his daughters head and agreeing. A lump developed in my throat, as I staref at the father and daughter, reminding me of my Abba and Mum.

I missed them dearly.

" Right, if that's the case. I'm going for a shower, Naz. Ring Salahudin up and ask him where he is" Kulsum spoke looking at her sister who rolled her eyes and turned around. Storming inside the front room. Glancing at Ammar in nervousness, I could hear him tell everyone to come inside, ignoring my look.

Glancing through the spiral staircase, the dining room and the living room doors remained shut, making me contemplate whether to ask everyone to sit there, whilst I prepare the food.
As if reading my mind, uncle Hamad walked towards the living room, with Hussain beside him.

The living room, was the heart of this house. One wouldn't think it's a room, rather a personalised library. With stacks and stacks of books, on the maroon coloured shelves; as the matching interior design to the room gave out a calming sophisticated aura.

" I don't know about you all, but I'm going to sleep. Call me when the foods done" Nazeen spoke, appearing from the front room as she stalked past me and up the spiral staircase. Glancing at Gul Jaan I could see her walk inside the front room with Helen, as they talked amongst themselves, falling in to an easy conversation.

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