strugle of a girl

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There was a dog call Mary. She is a cute dog .she is always naughty. Her owner is roxy.she is a wonderful girl.she take care of the dog properly.
One day her father told her that they will go to Singapore permanently and what there for the rest of life. roxy was so sad.she did not want to go as she could not bring mary with her.she ask her mom but her mom did not agree.she ask her dad to bring the dog with her.Her dad said no.He told her that she will need to let her moms sister to take care of the dog.she gave the dog to her moms sis.she took the flight and went to Singapore.
The next year she went back to India. She first went to her moms sis house.she went to the dog she saw her dog being not treated well.she cried out of her heart.big pearls of tears rolled her cheeks. She ask her father to bring her to singapore.her father approve she need to take passport for mary.they took mary to singapore. (Hi my name is roxy I am new so I have some mistake please accept it thank you hope you like this story)

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