Chapter One: Go With the Flow

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Chapter One: Go With the Flow

I feel utterly suffocated. I wake feeling a weird sensation in my nose and something basically strangling me. My first thought that it was Anne again, octopus-limbs snaked around me. But when I open my eyes, I was met with a mix of hollow disappointment and shock as she isn't here.

I was in some sort of clinical hospital room that lacked windows. I was in an actual bed, instead of the Station-thing...A single ceiling light switches on, as if it could sense that I was awake. I look over to see a weird beeping heart rate machine and heaps of wires and tubes all directly attached and surrounding my body. Was this what was strangling me?

Was everything a dream?

Was I in some sort of coma in a really bad dream? Then...where am I? Where is everyone? How long was I out? Wait...I remember helping a stupid asshat...was that the dream?

I look down feeling something staring at me from my lap. I see a big black and blue glowing tiger stares back up at me. Surreality and reality crashed into me as my situation smashes into me. I...lost Cody...Anne...Markus. Then I-

'Dreamer!' She immediately gets her head off my legs, avoiding my chest as she cranes her neck to get her face literally in my face.

I was curious for a second as to why she...oh. I felt the tube running from my nose to an...oxygen tank? Ah fuck, I can't even breathe properly. What the fuck did I do?

'Dreamer awake. Dreamer bad.' She frowned.

I think she was annoyed with me.

'Dreamer scared Lady.' She presses her face into mine.

'I think I scared myself.' I reach up to her head and slowly stroke her cheek. 'I'm sorry.'

'Dreamer does more than what should be done. Dreamer needs to learn restraint...' She floods me with an image of a bird on a branch, unaware that Lady was stalking it. It was resting in the darkness. Lady was inexperienced in hunting and got impatient and went for it and the bird flew away. She then showed herself hunting a few more times and how she learnt to be patient.

I almost roll my eyes, 'Yes mum.'

I look down at my body, at least it's still intact. My stupid-ass arm is still demonic...But I remember the last time I was conscious that it was both my arms. But here it is, left arm normal with that weird thingy-clip on my finger that measured my heartrate; and the right arm still sporting French-tipped claws.

I wanted to sigh but my chest hurts like fuck. What the fuck did I do? A cough rattles in my chest, laced with pain and I look over to the monitor that was taking my heartrate. This pain was familiar...I cast my mind back to when I first met Lady. I did something to my ribcage?

I don't remember...oh. I took that stupid Hexer shit from that stupid twat, Rain...-

"You did not stop there."

I look over my other side, opposite Lady. X sat in a chair next to me, staring at me for a moment and Lady steps back to give him room, "Your ribcage almost shattered. Bone fragments pierced your lungs, you were coughing up blood as you literally almost drowned in it." He was frowning. Was he angry? I've never thought of what an angry X would do. Should I grab the IV stand and use it as a warding-off stick? I don't know how he's going to react and that's making me nervous.

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