2 | Is she Dead?

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Ari is stumbling drunk and grabs onto my jacket as she regains her balance. Watching everyone drunk and being crazy, I wonder to myself if I'm a typical annoying girl when I'm intoxicated.

I place her in the car next to Valerie and she lays her head on the window and closes her eyes. I guess I'm going to have to drive since everyone is drunk.

'How much did you make?', I ask as I close the door behind me and lay out my hand.

Ari reaches into her shirt and pulls out a small stack of bills and hands it to me. Val does the same.

In total we made around seven hundred dollars which was pretty good since we still had some left over. 'Looks like we are going on a shopping trip soon', I grin and look behind me but Val and Ari are already asleep.

'What would you guys do without me', I say smugly and laugh.

I pull out my phone and text my mum. Even though I'm a rebellious teen, I still text my mum even though I'm pretty sure she knows that I go to parties.

[Sleeping over at Ari's house be back tomorrow! ]

I step on the pedal and make my way to Ari's house, trying to remember where it was.

I'm a pretty good driver and I've had experience practicing on the quiet roads and I'm going to get my license soon. I've stolen my mums car once because she wouldn't drive me to Kay's house.

About 10 minutes on the road and Valerie starts blabbing on about how she wants to make out with another boy and make love to him.

I roll my eyes and rewind the channel on the radio station. A mellow tune plays out.

'I don't really care Valerie', I groan. It's now 1.30am and I'm so tired I just want to go to sleep. It's been a long night supervising all these drunk girls and having a boring time. I step on the pedal to go a little faster.

'Oh crap', I hear Valerie curse. She calls out my name five times but I crank the music higher.

'I forgot my phone Lola', she yells.

I crank the music down. 'What?'.

'I forgot my phone at the party and I'm pretty sure Harvey has it, we need to go back please!', she begs.

I groan.

But I guess if I forgot my phone there I'd be pissed. Plus what's a girl without her phone?

'Oh my god Valerie. You're such a pain', I huff and slow down the car and make a U-turn.

Five minutes in and Valerie is already asleep.

As I'm driving down, I am approached with two bright lights heading my way.

'Guys', I breathe out.

Suddenly the car is approaching faster towards, driving in the wrong lane.

'Guys. GUYS!', I yell and start slowing down the car.

'Oh. my. god'. I quickly yank the steering wheel to the right and all of a sudden the corner of the car hits the other car and I come crashing head on to the tree on the side of the road.


Chapter 2.5


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