chapter 9

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*Third person*

Jin stopped the car in an Isolated area far from any civilisation and led you out of the car with a devious smile, he grabbed your wrist and led you to an area with blood splattered on the trees and said,

"This is the end... "

(Y/N) was confused, the end of what?

Jin swung a bloody axe at her, narrowly missing her ear she screamed and tried to step back when Jin started to laugh.

"What's so funny huh?!" (Y/N) shouted "You just tried to kill me!" he just laughed harder at this causing the girl to cautiously step back a few more steps, quickening her pace gradually..


Shouted Jimin causing (Y/N) to jump back, falling onto Jungkook...

The girl jumped up like a rush of adrenaline had pumped through her veins.

"Oh! Sorry sorry sorry!" she frantically apologised repeatedly, whilst attempting to restore her face to it's previous colour.

"Heh, it's ok.." Jungkook rubbed his neck, a pink hue dusting his cheeks.


"Kinda liked it..."             (whispering)

The teenagers stood still, hiding their flushed faces from the teasing hyungs' view.


Guys I'm sorry for the late and small chapter!! 
I've actually had alot of problems with my phone and laptop lately..

But since it's so short, I put some lovely action in there.. 😏😏

I made the collage up above!! 😁🦄

Bye! 🦄🦄🦄

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